Washington announces new team name: Commander

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On Wednesday, US time, Washington officially announced that the new team name was decided to be Commanders, and the new team logo and new jersey were also announced.

Team president Jason Wright and head coach Ron Rivera have previously said the team will work to incorporate military elements into the new name given its ties to the capital. Commander is one of the commonly used military ranks.

The Washington Commanders unveiled three new jerseys on Wednesday: solid white with dark red numbers and sleeves, plus white and dark red bordered black stripes; dark red jerseys with gold numbers and sleeves, plus white gold stripes. Solid black jersey with gold numbers, dark red stripes on the sides, and three dark red stars on a gold background.

Complementing the black jersey will be a black helmet with gold numbers on the sides and a gold “W” on the front. The other two kits will be paired with dark red helmets with a gold “W” on the side and a gold stripe running through the middle.

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