Steelers coach Tomlin promised to make changes

After a big loss to the Cincinnati Tigers, the Steelers coach nike nfl jerseys Tomlin promised to make the team change.

“We cannot continue to do things the same as before. We hope to get different results. We will make some system changes and may also make personnel changes. It will not be too drastic and relatively mild, but we hope it will be an important change. Aspect is important.”

“We may redistribute positions, or it may be based on the depth of the lineup.” Tomlin said, “We will not make things too complicated, but if a change can be made, or there is an opportunity for us to achieve the desired result, we Will do it.”

Steelers safety guard Minka Fitzpatrick (Minkah Fitzpatrick) has said before that the team needs to change the existing training methods. He suggested that the team increase the amount of training and speed up the pace of the exercise.

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