Seahawks wide receiver Taylor Lockett is activated to the big list

On Thursday, US time, the Seahawks officially announced that it would activate wide receiver Tyler Lockett from the new crown reserve list.

Lockett was added to the new crown reserve list with the remaining 10 players on Thursday after testing positive, so he missed Tuesday’s 20-10 loss to the Rams. He is the second player to activate the Seahawks, the former being running back Alex Collins (Alex Collins).

In the absence of Lockett, the Seahawks’ offensive performance was sluggish, advancing only 214 yards overall. Quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) only succeeded in 11 pass attempts with more than 10 yards in the air.

Coach Pete Carroll (Pete Carroll) said: “It’s sad that Taylor didn’t play in this game. If he plays, it will definitely have a big impact.”

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