Pirates restructure contract with defensive tackle Endamakon-Su

The Buccaneers restructured their contract with defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, increasing the incentive bonus clause to a maximum of $1 million, according to ESPN reporters on Wednesday.

With the new terms in place, each playoff win will earn Sue $200,000. But he also has to meet a few prerequisites: play at least 65 percent of the regular season defensive file, and the Buccaneers have improved in league/division touchdowns and fumbles and touchdowns.

Before the game against the Panthers, Su participated in only 64.18% of the defensive files, but the Pirates nfl jersey cancelled the first condition on Saturday, and the latter two conditions have now been confirmed.

Su played all 17 regular-season games for the Pirates this season, the tenth consecutive regular-season attendance. He completed a total of 27 tackles and 6 sacks.

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