NFL jerseys:Social responsible

When we talk about the NFL, we always think of strong football players and their cheap nfl china jerseys in our minds.Or maybe it’s the spirit of football as promoted by the NFL: power and passion.But what we don’t know is the tremendous call to action and the power of the NFL in the community.There are many stories and their efforts here, let me tell you about them here.
The first event was a charity event that took place at an NFL stadium five years ago. The name of the event is A Crucial Catch.The event was organized by the NFL in conjunction with the American Cancer Society to call the community’s attention to the issue of breast cancer.The world’s strongest players, for the sake of women’s health, are collectively wearing pink gear. These gentle color scheme of pink equipment and their simple and powerful NFL jerseys form a strong contrast, giving people a very big visual impact.However, from a public service perspective, the campaign did raise public awareness of breast cancer prevention and treatment.
And in 2020, the NFL committed $250 million over the next decade to a charitable foundation that will fight for the inequality of non-white people because of the color of their skin.And in March of 2020, NFL star Brees, along with his wife, donated $5 million in hopes of helping Louisiana fight the COVID-19 epidemic.
I would like to tell you that Brees’ NFL jerseys are in black and white color scheme. The number of his NFL jersey is 9.Because of his charity work, his already handsome NFL jersey has become even more attractive.
And in 2016, something big happened, and it was about NFL player Colin laepernick.It is the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, and in order to express his protest against racial discrimination, he chose to sit while the American national anthem was played, an act that caused a great deal of discontent among fans, some of whom became agitated and burned Kaepernick’s jersey while the national anthem was being played. But this did not affect Kaepernick’s determination.But he still paid reverent tribute to the military. His behavior was supported by NBA star Curry. And the then US President Barack Obama also commented on it. After this, according to NFL website data, Kaepernick’s NFL jersey sales increased greatly. The year before the incident, his NFL jerseys were once reduced to discounted merchandise. After the season, Kaepernick also made a strong act to support his view.He donated the $1 million he received to two charities after the season after finding out his cheap nfl china jerseys was a hot seller.
I think that’s why the NFL has been able to stand in America for 100 years. I was able to understand the value of NFL jerseys and the meaning behind the NFL jerseys.

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