NFL Column / Falcons Draft Bet jersey on Tall Receivers

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The Atlanta Falcons, with the eighth overall pick in the first round of this Wholesale NFL Jerseys Sale draft, unexpectedly chose Drake London, a 6-foot-4 tall wide receiver from USC, instead of being generally favored by all walks of life. , and the well-known Ohio State receiver Garrett Wilson, the operational considerations behind the team are worth exploring.

The Falcons are in a stage of regrouping. In recent years, top star receiver Julio Jones and quarterback Matt Ryan have left the team one after another. Another good receiver, Calvin Ridley, has also been betting on the game. Suspended. The Falcons recruited quarterback Marcus Mariota and then selected Cincinnati quarterback Desmond Ridder in the third round of the draft.

The reason why the Falcons chose Landon, I think, is mainly because of his huge stature and excellent physical conditions. In the face of defensive players, he creates mismatches and obtains better chances and results to catch the ball. Uncertain quarterback. What’s more, the current team also has Kyle Pitts, who is about to enter the second grade and has over 1,000 yards in his rookie year. The two tall guys form a “basketball team”. Langdon has excellent physical fitness. He also played for the basketball team as an amphibious athlete in his freshman year. In the past, he has even performed 540-degree turnarounds and dunks in the air in informal competitions.

Landon missed the pre-draft test due to a foot injury, so in a year full of potential receivers, the media and fans paid much less attention. He shows a “simple and violent” style of play. Being able to stand on the outside and inside, and being able to catch the ball in a tight defense is his greatest advantage. He should have a certain degree of play in the red zone and high-altitude ball. Last season, he only played 8 games with an injury, and he handed in 1,084 yards and 7 touchdowns.

While Langdon was expected to be an “X-catcher,” he was assigned a limited run path in college, had mediocre agility, and might not have enough speed as a deep-reaching target.

But fortunately, the Falcon’s record is under less pressure at present, and it is still in the stage of reorganization. There is still time for Langdon, who already has a good figure, to develop. Maybe now he is not necessarily the rookie receiver who can deliver the most dazzling data this year, but the future of the Falcons is very exciting.

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