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Suddenly, Yueniang laughed, her smile was so charming, and she said softly: “Unexpectedly, Xiao Hou would have such a determination to get out of the sea of ​​suffering for Yuhuan, but I am envious and jealous of Yueniang. Yuhuan met you, but It’s really a blessing from the cultivation of the previous life.” Suddenly, the conversation turned, Yueniang said in a deep voice: “One hundred thousand taels is not a small amount. Although Xiao Hou’s status is noble, I am afraid I can’t do things with hockey jerseys from china for cheap. ”

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Chu Yi smiled and said, “Yueniang has a good eye. Indeed, I don’t even move a penny of Chu family’s money. But that’s okay, as long as Yueniang gives me one month, the safekeeping will provide one hundred thousand taels on time. silver.”
Yueniang said “Oh,” and said in doubt, “Master Xiaohou is so confident?”
Chu Yi smiled slightly and said, “If you try, you will hockey jerseys from china for cheap.”
Yueniang got up gracefully, sat up on Chu Yi’s thigh without any scruples, and wrapped his arms around his neck, and said: “It is said that Master Xiao Hou is ill in his lower body, how will Yue Niang give Master Xiao Hou his pulse tonight?”
Faced with Yueniang, a woman with many years of experience, her frowns and smiles were so enchanting. He didn’t want to try and show his feet.
“Yueniang, it’s getting late. My wife is still waiting for me to go home for dinner! Get the pulse, it’s better to next time.” Chu Yi said a little shyly.
Yueniang is a Fengyue veteran, and she knows she is a young girl. She wanted to eat him very much in her heart, but she was not an ordinary person after all, and she was a little displeased: “If this is the case, then wait for Master Xiaohou to get your pulse.
“Sister Yue is still considerate.” Chu Yi flattered.
Yueniang got up, her smile on her face suddenly diminished, and she said coldly: “I will give you one month for Yuhuan to redeem her body. If you don’t see one hundred thousand taels in a month, let it go. I’ll also give it to Zu Xiaohou. Lord’s face!”
Chu Yi believed in herself: “It’s a deal! However, within this month, Sister Yue will have to lend Yuhuan to me, and she can’t let her pick up guests.”
Yueniang smiled and said: “No problem. But let’s have something to say first. If a month later, Master Xiaohou disappoints me and Yuhuan loses her virginity again, Master Xiaohou will have to pay hockey jerseys from china for cheap the compensation.”
Chu Yi laughed and said, “That’s natural.”
Out of the gate of Biyufang, Chu Yi let out a long sigh. The crowd was about to get him on the carriage, when Chu Yi suddenly saw a figure standing next to the carriage, and suddenly groaned in his heart.
This figure is not Ling Yan, but who is it?

“Master, shall we return home now?” Tong Ming probed.
Seeing the strange atmosphere in the carriage, he laughed twice and carefully retracted his head.
Ling Yan was cold and frosty, and a faint murderous aura came out.
Chu Yi smiled to accompany him, and explained: “Miss, I explained everything to you. I did it just to make money.”
Ling Yan snorted coldly, and said, “Fuck! Who is the lady. Your lady is in that Biyufang, go find her.”
Chu Yi chuckled and said, “Madam, don’t be angry. By the way, are our golden signs all right?”
Ling Yan paused, and said coldly: “It’s done, you can choose a day to hang it.”
Chu Yi pondered for a moment, and said, “Lady, there is one more thing to do for you.”
After speaking, Chu Yi moved a few inches away from Lingyan, and said in a low voice: “You help me find 20 poor families from the city. The poorer the better, there must be boys or girls about ten years old in these families. , Look good, don’t crook melons and split dates. Then there is, help me find ten orphans, seven men and three women, with good martial arts qualifications. I know the thing about finding orphans, and the lady knows just fine.”
Ling Yan paused, not knowing what he hockey jerseys from china for cheap to do, and was about to ask, but Chu Yi sealed his small mouth with his right hand.
“Don’t ask anything, close your eyes, do you feel my true heart is thumping and throbbing!”
As soon as the voice fell, there was a crisp “pop”, and a bright red five-fingerprint appeared on Chu Yi’s right cheek.
Tong Ming’s heart suddenly tightened, and he subconsciously touched his cheek, and muttered: “It’s okay! It wasn’t me that hit me.”
In the past few days, Chu Yi began to implement the pre-hype strategy.
First, he used a hundred silver to hire more than one hundred beggars, who hockey jerseys from china for cheap regarded as “Internet naval forces”, and began to post big-character posters all over the streets of Luochuan City.

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