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At this moment, the gang brought by Qin Yu rushed forward violently.
The sword slammed and flew back and forth cheap pro jerseys from china the people.
In the eyes of melon-eating people, two fists are hard to beat four hands, and evil tigers are also afraid of wolves.
No matter how good you are in martial arts, you can still survive the siege of a dozen or so masters from the Giant Tiger Gang. On several occasions he saw the big knife slash into his chest or neck, but he escaped unexpectedly.
Many people have never seen this kind of fighting scene in their lifetime, and they have forgotten their previous fears, and all of them are elated, and some even comment on it.
Yuhuan’s pair of wonderful eyes stared cheap pro jerseys from china, and saw that he was in danger, and his heart was extremely anxious. But powerless and powerless, there is only time to worry about it.
If she suddenly died because of her, how to explain to Chu Yi afterwards. As I thought about it, tears couldn’t stop rolling down.
Just when she was sad, beside Qin Yu, four men in Tsing Yi suddenly appeared, all of them were martial arts masters of the fourth rank.
“Bring me the beauty.” Qin Yu said confidently.
“Yes, less gang leader.”
The four drew their swords out of their sheaths, two of them flew forward and stabbed, and the other two went straight to Yuhuan.
Suddenly, my heart shuddered, these four people are not weak in martial arts, and the secret path can no longer be entangled with these little gangsters, so as not to accidentally change.
I saw him, with the long sword in his hand, spinning rapidly under his palm, and the sword suddenly became heavy and cold.
I could only hear “Ah!” “Ah!”, the screams were endless, the right wrists of those people were dripping with blood, and the swords in their hands fell to the ground one after another.
With a sudden move, all these people’s martial arts were abolished.
The two Tsing Yi masters glanced at each other, and their hearts were full of surprise. They never thought that the swordsmanship of the man in front of them was so sharp. But the helper gave the order, and can only follow and execute it.
The two held their minds, biting their heads, and besieged them one after another. Their purpose is very simple. They don’t want to kill, just to hold back.
In this way, the other two can smoothly take Yuhuan away.
Seeing that the other two flew to the cheap pro jerseys from china before her, Yuhuan stepped back in shock, her delicate body tightly leaning on the cowl.
Ling Yan couldn’t sit still, he was about to rush out with his sword, but was pulled by Chu Yi again, and said in a deep voice, “Wait.”
Ling Yan was startled slightly, wondering what he wanted to do. However, looking at his calm expression, he seemed to have a plan in mind. In desperation, Ling Yan sat down again.
A violent sword forced the two back, wanting to fly out, not wanting the two to hold him dead.
Suddenly worrying about the safety of Yuhuan, he didn’t notice that Qin Yu bends his bow again, and the arrow suddenly came, facing the center of his brow.
When Yuhuan saw the scene before her, a heart was raised to her throat, and she exclaimed, “Brother Meng, be careful.”
There was a sneer in my heart suddenly, grandma’s, the tiger did not show off his might, he really treated me as a sick cat.
At this moment, he rushed to the head with enthusiasm, he had already forgotten Chu Yi’s previous confession, and was about to explode his true strength.
Suddenly, a white shadow passed by, cheap pro jerseys from china when the arrow was only an inch from the center of his eyebrows, it fell to the ground with a “ding”.
Before everyone reacted, the white shadow had already landed beside Yuhuan, with two fingers of his right hand close together, and lightly slashed forward. The two screamed “Ah” and fell to the ground and stopped moving.
Everything in front of me is happening between the electric light and flint.
Qin Yu’s heart trembled fiercely, and said in surprise: “What a quick body technique!”
After a while, Yuhuan opened her eyes slightly, and found that she was standing in front of her, and her heart finally fell.
Suddenly, Yuhuan turned his head to look cheap pro jerseys from china, and a young man in a white long gown was standing beside her.

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