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As long as the candidate for the big stewardship meets two points: one is reliable character; the other is strong ability.
Those beggars worked swiftly and sent Liu cheap nike jerseys from china information to Chu Yi two days later.
Liu Hanshan, the chief steward, was originally a minor steward of Shengyuan Bank, the largest bank in Luochuan. But because he offended the principal two years ago, he was suppressed and cannot be reused, and he was constantly suppressed and squeezed out.
Liu Hanshan’s salary is not high, and there are young and old at the top. The old mother is in poor health and takes medicine all year round. His wife died early, leaving behind a pair of children, the family is relatively struggling, and can only be regarded as a subsistence family.
However, Liu Hanshan is very capable, especially in terms of settling accounts, extremely proficient. If it wasn’t for him to be too upright and collaborating with others, perhaps he would have become the main actor long cheap nike jerseys from china.
Therefore, after seeing the information, Chu Yi became interested in him. So, Ling Yan asked Ling Yan to help stare at it for a few days, and only after confirming that the beggar had collected the correct information did he officially meet with him and asked him to be the chief steward of the auction house.
These days, it is not easy to find a supervisor with good character and ability.
When night fell, Ling Yan flew over the high wall with Chu Yi and left Chu Mansion. Then, get on the carriage prepared in advance and go to the inconspicuous small courtyard.
Before long, Liu Hanshan walked into the small courtyard alone and came to the inner room.
Opposite the screen, Chu Yi sat on a chair, eating pastries and drinking tea Ling Yan had brought from Phoenix Valley.
“I have seen the owner.”
Chu Yi smiled slightly and said, “Uncle Liu, now that there are few manpower, you have been working hard these days.”
Liu Hanshan clasped his fist and said: “Whether the boss said, this is all within the subordinate’s business. By the way, boss Zhu came here this afternoon and said that the three hundred booklets would be printed tomorrow, and asked when we should pick it up? In addition, many people have come to inquire in the past few days, what is the price of this cheap nike jerseys from china?”
Chu Yi groaned: “Well, don’t worry about the price. Tomorrow morning I will ask you to come back to pick up the manual with you.”
Liu Hanshan clasped his fist and said, “Yes! If the boss has no other orders, the subordinates will say goodbye.”
“it is good!”
Liu Hanshan respectfully exited the inner room, and when he walked into the courtyard, he was greatly relieved. Every time he sees this boss, he keeps his eyes on him. Because he didn’t know the temperament of this boss, let alone what he looked like.
However, he can be sure that this owner treats people sincerely, does things decisively, and has too different ideas. It belongs to the kind of wild horse.
There are still three days to go until May 15th, and the craze for limited releases continues unabated. Today’s Shanyuan auction houses have to be squeezed through the threshold, and there is a surging crowd every day to inquire about the sale of photos.
On the last day of May 15th, Chu Yi made people speak out. This time the manual is sold in limited quantities, only one hundred copies. Moreover, these hundred books are only sold for the dignitaries and dignitaries in Luochuan City.
As soon as the news came out, Luochuan City completely exploded the pot, shouting loudly and shouting. In other words, whoever buys one of these 100 copies means to be among the top 100 cheap nike jerseys from china artists in Luochuan City. This honor is extremely urgent for those upstarts.
Although they are rich, they still can’t keep up with them compared with the real rich and powerful houses. That kind of innate temperament can’t be bought with money, but if it can be bought with a little bit, it will be no hesitate.
Soon, the price of a manual was fetched to a high price, 500 taels per manual. One hundred books is fifty thousand taels. This number surprised Chu Yi’s people from ear to ear.
Fifty thousand liang, for them, is simply a number, and they dare not even think about it.
The boiling city of Luochuan, amidst desire and fame, began to burn.
On May 15th, it was sunny and windy, and the outside of the auction house was already crowded with people on the sixth floor and the sixth floor. In order to ensure the order on the scene, Chu Yi asked Tong Ming to hire more than a dozen catchers from the Yamen, led by Wang Hu, to maintain order outside the court.
With a squeak, the door of cheap nike jerseys from china Auction House finally opened. Seeing Liu Hanshan walked out, he was extremely excited today. Looking at the crowds below, he suddenly felt a kind of floating. At this moment, he was completely convinced by the club.
“Everyone, Yuhuan Treasure Pictures will be on sale soon. Each is priced at 600 taels, only cash receipts!”

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