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The southwest area of ​​Luochuan City is commonly known as Fish Market Street. There are poor people living in the area of ​​Yushi Street. To put it bluntly, they are the slums of Luochuan cheap nhl jerseys from china paypal.
There are a large number of out-of-town populations, a mixture of fish and dragons, and chaotic law and order.
According to the plan, Chu Yi asked Ling Yan to screen 120 poor families here. One hundred taels per household would cost twelve thousand taels.
Spreading such a large sum of money for no reason is definitely a stupid thing done by a fool in the eyes of normal people.
But he knew that after these two thousand taels were scattered, the hearts of the people in the fish market could definitely be bought out.
With human support, more things can be done cheap nhl jerseys from china paypal.
More importantly, there is a big fish he wants hidden in this fish market.
Nowadays, the streets and alleys of Yushi Street have long been plastered with big-character posters, which makes the 120 poor families feel that they are falling into the sky, and such good things can fall on them.
Within a few days, the originally peaceful slum suddenly became lively.
Many people ran into the street, looking at the luxury carriages lined up on the street, and they all talked a lot.
Someone in the crowd yelled, “Look, that’s the Yuhuan girl from Biyufang.”
“It’s really the Yuhuan girl.”
“It’s the girl Yuhuan who took out her underwear for auction, and then distributed the donations to us. The girl Yuhuan is our great benefactor!”
“Girl Yuhuan is our great benefactor!” The others began to agree.
Yuhuan sat on the open carriage at the forefront, with bright eyes and Qiushui Yiyi, staring at the people below, with a smile on his face. That smile was enough to overwhelm all beings, and many men below cheered and ran for it.
“It’s so beautiful. I will be like her when I grow up!” a little girl said with joy.
In the turbulent crowd, a man in a white shirt stared at Yuhuan affectionately, as if he had reunited with his lover after a long time, staring at each other, letting go of those deep thoughts at this moment, and then slowly step by step. Walk slowly towards each other.
Hug each other until the sea dies.
He stood in the crowd, and the people cheap nhl jerseys from china paypal didn’t seem to notice his existence.
Yuhuan seemed to notice a strange gaze behind him, turned around, and that glance fell on the young man in white.
With sword eyebrows and stars, Yushu is facing the wind, like a poplar on the wasteland, standing alone in this world.
But for some reason, Yuhuan had a strange feeling, only that the man seemed to blend in with the surrounding environment. If it weren’t for meeting his gaze, he wouldn’t be aware of his existence at all.
He was a strange man, but he seemed to have known each other before.
The corner of Yuhuan’s mouth raised slightly and smiled at him, then turned around and stopped looking at him.
He looked back and smiled, like a beam of light, blasting his heart lake, and the calm lake suddenly set off turbulent waves.
The look in the eyes and the smile were so alike.
At this moment, there was a sudden commotion among the crowd, and four big men with big swords in their hands were rushing towards Yuhuan in a carriage.
The horse was suddenly frightened and agitated. The carriage shook, Yuhuan was unstable and almost hit the inner wall.
As they approached the carriage, they saw it jerk to stabilize the carriage, and then drew their swords to directly face the four men.
The long sword in his hand was like a long cheap nhl jerseys from china paypal, and fragments of clothes fluttered wherever he went, and only four big men’s coats were broken, revealing their flesh.
Suddenly knowing the severity, did not hurt the killer, it was a lesson for them. After all, killing people in the street will be very troublesome.
But at this moment, a whistle arrow flicked above everyone’s heads and shot directly to the center of the eyebrows.
Hearing a crisp sound of “ding”, the cheap nhl jerseys from china paypal hit the sword. There was a slight shock in the tiger’s mouth, secretly saying that this person’s internal strength is extraordinary.

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