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What good luck, this Ling Yan became his personal maid. I heard from my aunt that she is the daughter of Ling Hao, the lord of Phoenix Valley. ”
Young Master Qi frowned and cheap nhl jerseys china authentic, “Phoenix Valley?”
Han Qingya said solemnly: “It is said that this Phoenix Valley is isolated from the world and specializes in refining pills. It seems that the clear dew jade condensing pill came from Phoenix Valley.”
“Clear Lu Yu Ning Dan!” Master Qi said in shock.
Han Qingya wondered: “Is this pill very powerful?”
Young Master Qi said excitedly: “cheap nhl jerseys china authentic pill is hard to find. Unexpectedly, it was made by Phoenix Valley.”
“From today, you will inform me of any news related to Phoenix Valley as soon as possible. I will mark you a great achievement in front of the Lord.” Qi Gongzi said in a loud voice.
Han Qingya was pleasantly surprised: “Thank you Master Qi.”
After a cup of tea, Master Qi left first.
Han Qingya finished his cup of tea with a smug smile on his face, and then checked out and left.
In the early morning of the next day, Chu Yi opened his eyes slightly, looked around, and found that he was lying on the bed.
“Master, you are awake. You scared me to death. Fortunately, you are all right.” Tong Ming said with a look of concern.
Chu Yi touched his cheek, and said anxiously: “Look at it quickly, is your face hurt?”
Tong Ming complained: “Master, at this time, you still care about your face. The old lady is going crazy over there.”
“What happened to grandma?”
Tong Ming hurriedly told him about the situation.
After the old lady learned that Chu Yi had been beaten, she became very angry, and immediately sent the governor Song Jiangming to the residence, asking him to be arrested as soon as possible, otherwise he would wait for Lord Hou to come back and let him explain.
Song Jiangming’s face was pale with fright, and immediately after returning to the mansion, he ordered the arrest to search the whole city.
After listening to Tong Ming’s retelling, cheap nhl jerseys china authentic Yi’s heart suddenly filled with warmth. Unexpectedly, in another world, he could still have the selfless care given to him by his grandmother.
“Then what did you say?” Chu Yi asked.
Tong Ming smiled triumphantly: “Master, don’t worry, I will say what should be said, not a word of what should not be said.”
Chu Yi nodded and said, “You are still smart.”
Tong Ming couldn’t understand it, and asked, “Master, did you say that the four people deliberately targeted us? Logically, we didn’t find anyone to provoke anyone.”
Chu Yi sneered and said, “You don’t want trouble, you have trouble looking for you. This matter, I won’t just let it go.”
At this moment, Han Qingya came over with a bowl of bird’s nest, and said with concern: “Cousin, this is the bird’s nest that my wife asked me to send. You can eat it quickly to make up for your body.”
Chu Yi stretched out his hand to catch it, and said politely: “I have a cousin.”
During the meeting, Han Qingya was very happy when he saw that his arm was covered with bruises. It’s a pity that those people are still too light to start, otherwise it’s best to kill them directly.
Han Qingya said angrily: “Cousin, don’t cheap nhl jerseys china authentic, the old lady has already told Master Song. I expect that the mob will be arrested and brought to justice in a few days.”
Chu Yi took a sip, with a painful expression on his face, as if it were difficult to swallow, he handed the soup bowl to Han Qingya and said, “Excuse me, cousin. This will cause pain all over, I want to sleep again.”
Han Qingya knew that he was issuing a guest order, but he didn’t want to stay here too much.
“Then you have a good rest, and I will see you another cheap nhl jerseys china authentic.”

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