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“Six hundred taels, only six hundred taels, I want, I want!” The people below began to get excited.
Before the market price had reached five hundred cheap ncaa jerseys from china, everyone thought that the price would definitely exceed a lot, but it was only six hundred taels.
Seeing that the scene was a little out of control, Wang Xiu roared: “Don’t crowd, line up, one by one!”
With such a roar of the lion, everyone controlled their emotions a little and entered one by one. When they saw the girl in Yuhuan’s green dress and her white breasts, she smiled and stared at the crowd, and she was immediately exasperated, not in vain.
The money is worth it!
Pay the money, get the book, sign, leave, follow the process, one by one, and it’s not over until night. The people on the sidelines refused to leave for a long time, threatening not to leave without cheap ncaa jerseys from china Yuhuan’s photo.
At the same time, the poem in the photo spread throughout the city of Luochuan overnight, and they were all amazing and applauded. But looking at the pen, it was called Luochuan Xiaoxiaosheng, who thought it was a pseudonym. But everyone knew in their hearts that if they wanted to know who Luochuan Xiaoxiaosheng was, the Shanyuan Auction House must know.
On the second day, there were many young talents in the crowd outside the auction house. Some came for the photo, and some came for the lyric writer. What made everyone even more overjoyed was that Shanyuan Auction House printed a hundred copies, and the price rose by one hundred taels to 700 taels.
Even though the price was higher, the sales were still hot, and he sold out 100 copies in one day, earning a full 70,000 taels of silver. Add in what you earned yesterday, which is as much as 130,000 taels.
Indoors, Chu Yi was sitting with everyone in the front hall, with excited expressions on everyone’s faces, and they almost worshiped Chu Yi as a god, especially Yuhuan, with a strange look in his eyes, which made Ling Yan’s eyes especially hot. .
Chu Yi glanced at the people, and said, “You have been working hard these days. When the last 100 copies are sold out, we will rest for a few days. The real climax will come later!”
Liu Hanshan paused, and said, “My boss, how can I sell the remaining one hundred copies? Will the price be raised again?”
Chu Yi smiled and said: “The number of cheap ncaa jerseys from china hundred copies has basically covered the wealthy people in Luochuan City. If the remaining one hundred copies are sold at a high price, it will appear that we are too greedy, and it won’t matter if we make more money. significance.”
When everyone heard the words, they were shocked to hear from ear to ear.
These days, there are still people who feel that making money is meaningless.
Even Ling Yan looked at him with strange eyes, secretly saying that this guy wouldn’t be stupid again, right?
Opposite the screen, Liu Hanshan sitting in a chair really didn’t know what words to use to express his mood at the moment.
And that Yuhuan looked at the figure behind the screen idiotically, deep in his heart there was endless thoughts to tell him.
However, when she saw the beautiful figure next to him, those dizzy thoughts disappeared again, leaving behind in addition to loneliness and envy.
Liu Hanshan asked, “My boss, how do you deal with these hundred books?”
Chu Yi smiled and said, “The price will be reduced. One hundred taels each, but there is no Yuhuan girl’s signature. Aren’t there many talented people out there today. For this hundred taels, some of them still paid the price. It happened to be borrowed from them. Hebi will push our auction house’s reputation even higher.”
Liu Hanshan immediately understood what Chu Yi meant. Although the pamphlets are the same, the real value lies in the signature of the girl Yuhuan. Without this signature, the price will naturally fall. In this way, full-scale buyers will not be dissatisfied with such a large price gap.
In addition, these scholars have asked for a bargain, and naturally they have to work hard to flatter them. It is indeed more meaningful than making money to earn enough of the reputation of these scholars.
On the third day of sales, the remaining 100 cheap ncaa jerseys from china soon sold out. On the same day, Shanyuan Auction House officially announced that it would no longer sell it from now on.
In other words, these three hundred books have a certain collection value.
Liu Hanshan calculated that these three hundred copies sold a total of 140,000 taels of silver. Excluding the various expenditures in the previous period, the total expenditure is about 5,000 taels, and the actual profit is 135,000 taels.
According to the prior agreement, Chu Yi drew one hundred thousand taels from it and sent it to Biyufang Yueniang to redeem the Yuhuan deed.
However, on the bright side, Yuhuan still lives in Biyufang, but no longer has to worry about being forcibly picked up.
For the remaining 35 thousand taels, Chu Yi drew out 10 thousand taels and gave them to Phoenix Valley, with the right as a small amount of reward for sending people down the mountain and donating the pill.
After all, the money is not much, it is the heart. When I got my heart, and accepted it, we can discuss things later.
There were 25 thousand taels left, Lingyan 5 thousand taels, Yuhuan 4 thousand taels, and the two brothers came back at two thousand taels each, Liu Hanshan five hundred taels, Tong Ming three cheap ncaa jerseys from china taels, and Wang Xiu gave another two hundred taels, totaling one. Thousands and four thousand taels.

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