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In the early morning of the next day, Chu Yi asked Ling Yan to disguise himself for a while, so that people could not recognize him as the young master of the Chu family. Today, Chu Yi wants to see the artist and the owner of the photocopying cheap nba jerseys from china free shipping.

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When the painter saw Chu Yi, he clasped his fist and said, “I have seen the son.”
Chu Yi smiled slightly and said: “I am looking for you today to draw two pictures of beautiful women. In one of the pictures, the woman needs to cover her face with silk yarn, leaving only a pair of beautiful eyes. The autumn water never lasts forever.”
The painter frowned and asked: “The son, the silk gauze covers his face, leaving a pair of beautiful eyes to express affection, he is still sure of the old, but the son said that the autumn water will never end. What kind of realm is the old cheap nfl jerseys wholesale. .”
Chu Yi paused, thinking that it would be really difficult to paint a masterpiece like the Mona Lisa, so he called the painter to come and said a few words, the painter was surprised at first, and then nodded.
“Lady, come out quickly, the painter is here.” Chu Yi yelled to the inner room. Chu Yi took the coax and deceived, and finally made Ling Yan happy, and also explained that she would find the best painter in Luochuan City on the day to paint some paintings for her, and then send them to the old man to comfort him. Feminine love.
Ling Yan was naturally happy when he heard that, and got up early in the morning to freshen up.
After a while, Ling Yan walked out of the inner room.
The white clothes are like snow, and her black hair is like a waterfall. Under her creamy snowy skin, a layer of rouge is faintly revealed, and her eyelashes are slightly drooping, and her daughter is ashamed and charming, just like a fairy.
Chu Yi swallowed a few drools, and said with a smile: “The lady is so beautiful today, even Chang’e can’t make it!”
Ling Yan was so complimented by him, he was even more shy, as if he didn’t have the heroic and sassy air in the usual days.
After a while, Chu Yi said to Ling Yan: “Lady, you sit down quickly, the painter is about to paint.”
After Ling Yan sat down, the artist began to paint. cheap nba jerseys from china free shippingYi on the side stared at Ling Yan with a pair of thief eyes smiling, and praised: “Beautiful, it’s so beautiful.”
Seeing the nasty look on his face, Tong Ming’s eyes flashed with contempt. Although he and Ling Yan have not known each other for a long time, they seem to regard Ling Yan as his sister. Naturally, he does not want her sister to be seen by others with the look of Se Mimi.
“Master, the shopkeeper of the photocopying agency is here.” Tong Ming whispered to his ear canal.
Only then did Chu Yi drew his mind from the beautiful scenery and said with a smile: “Go, let’s go to the front yard and don’t disturb them to paint.”
In the front yard, Chu Yi saw a short and chubby middle-aged man approaching him, clasped his fists and smiled: “I have seen the son.”
Chu Yi smiled and nodded, “Boss Zhu, please sit down.”
Boss Zhu sat down and said, “I don’t know what the son is looking for to photocopy?”
Chu Yi said: “I want to print an exquisite manual.”
Boss Zhu said “Oh” and said, “What kind of manual does the son want to print?”
Chu Yi paused and said, “Boss Zhu, we have something to say first. This manual is about confidentiality. If your craftsman reveals it, my loss will be great.”
Boss Zhu’s expression changed, and he said, “My son, this person is so messy, I may not be able to control their mouths?”
Chu Yi smiled slightly and said: “Boss Zhu, I have a suggestion. Before the manual is delivered, all craftsmen are not allowed to leave the room. If there are selfish entrainers, they will be sent to the cheap nba jerseys from china free shipping and severely punished!”
Boss Zhu thought about it in his heart, and said in deep thought: “My son, this method is good, but the price is different from normal photocopying.”
Chu Yi nodded and said: “That is natural. However, how can ordinary printed things bring fame to your boss Zhu? How can you take more jobs without fame? How can you make more without taking more cheap nba jerseys from china free shipping? If you are given a choice, whether to make a one-time profit or to make a permanent profit, Boss Zhu will have to weigh it.”

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