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In the past few days, Chu Yi spent a great deal of effort, and this moved Ling Yan to write a text message to her father Ling Hao in the name of Chu Yi. The content of the letter is very cheap mlb jerseys china free shipping:
Father, be well. The boy watched the sky at night, and suddenly felt that the world was not peaceful, so he asked the old man to arrange for the valley master to go down the mountain, first to protect Ling Yan, and second to social experience.
Although Chu Yi had never seen Ling Hao, he could still infer one or two from Ling Yan’s mouth. Ling Hao is definitely the kind of person who loves a woman eagerly, as long as he reads this letter from him, he will nfl jerseys cheap send a master down the mountain.
As for the content of the letter, he didn’t think much about it, or used those gorgeous rhetoric to pile up whole nonsense.
It’s better to use the vernacular, which is simple and clear.
After the letter was sent, Chu Yi also breathed a sigh of relief. The manpower issue is resolved, and the next issue is the money issue.
Now, it is impossible to get money from the Chu family anymore, the only way is to borrow money.
The borrowers are either cheap mlb jerseys china free shipping or loan sharks. But he was an acquaintance who had no money, and he didn’t want to borrow a loan shark, causing unnecessary trouble.
While Chu Yi was thinking about money, he heard Tong Ming shouting: “Master, Yuhuan, Yuhuan girl is here.”
Chu Yi cursed for no reason: “The boring guy, please calm down for this young master.” This Tong Ming is clever, but he is a bit bad and lustful. When he sees a beautiful woman, he loses his backbone.
Suddenly, Chu Yi had an idea and suddenly had an idea.
“In ancient times, Du Shiniang was so angry that she should have some savings if she wanted to come to Yuhuan. Since she can send me personal clothes, she should agree to ask her to borrow some money. Alas! She is like a little white face, she eats soft food for women. of!”
“A man can bend and stretch, not to mention that I only borrow money, and I still borrow money at high interest rates. This is a normal business practice, and it is different from eating soft food. Yes, two different things!”
Chu Yi thought this way, Yuhuan walked over with Lan’er’s support. Seeing Chu Yi lowered her head in thought, she signaled Tong Ming and the maid to go down first. She stood quietly and waited for Chu Yi to wake up.
Looking at this young man sitting in a wheelchair in front of him, for some reason, Yuhuan felt a sense of solidity, or security, in his heart when he saw him. Women are inherently insecure, and they cheap mlb jerseys china free shipping in the land of wind and moon, and their desire for security is growing stronger.
Chu Yi suddenly withdrew his thoughts, saw Yuhuan standing in front of him, and said impolitely: “Yuhuan girl, I’m sorry, I just thought about things in a trance, I’m neglecting girl. Please sit down!”
Yuhuan smiled and said, “What is Xiaohouye thinking?”
Chu Yi was startled, and secretly said that Yuhuan saw his thoughts, and directly gave him a ladder to climb up. The opportunity is here, not to be missed. After pondering for a moment, Chu Yi smiled bitterly, and said: “Don’t hide the Yuhuan girl, I am now starting to do business, but I have already spent the one thousand taels, and it is not easy to borrow money from my family. I am worrying about money.”
Yuhuan paused, and said, “How much silver tael is still missing from Master Xiaohou?”
Seeing her speak, Chu Yi came straight forward and said, “I guess it’s still a thousand taels.”
Yuhuan smiled slightly and said, “If Xiaohouye doesn’t dislike it, Yuhuan has some savings over the years, and I can still take out one thousand taels.”
Chu Yi seemed to hesitate on his face, but quickly made up his mind and said, “Since the Yuhuan girl has spoken, I will just say it. Yuhuan girl, I borrowed this thousand taels of silver from you, and the interest counts as 20%. At that time, he will even pay you back with interest. Also, as agreed with you before, 30% will be delivered to the girl at that time.”
Seeing his serious expression, Yuhuan swallowed her words. She knew what a man is best, especially a man as good as Chu Yi. She smiled and said: “The little Hou Ye is what he said, Yuhuan agreed. Wait. After I go back, I will ask Lan’er to bring it to you.”
Chu Yi was overjoyed and said, “Thank you cheap mlb jerseys china free shipping girl.”
Yuhuan whispered: “You are polite, Xiaohou.” While speaking, Yuhuan frowned and looked a little dazed, as if he was worried about what happened.
Chu Yi pondered: “Girl Yuhuan, didn’t you come today because you knew that I was short of money, and you gave me money specifically?”
Yuhuan “pushed” with a laugh, and said softly: “Where can I find a prophet?”
Chu Yi said, “I see girl Yuhuan furrowed her brows, her face seems to be melancholy, and she thinks something is bothering her. Why don’t you say it and see if I can cheap mlb jerseys china free shipping?”

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