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“This road is driven by me, and this tree is planted by me. I want to cross this road and leave the beauty behind.”
The sound was not loud, but everyone heard it very cheap jerseys online china.
“This is the young leader of the Giant Tiger Gang, Qin Yu.” Someone among the crowd revealed his identity.
Hearing the three words “Giant Tiger Gang”, the surrounding crowd immediately retreated back and quickly gave way to this Qin Yu.
The prestige of the Giant Tiger Gang spread throughout the streets and alleys of Luochuan City, and it was Qin Yu, the young leader of the Giant Tiger Gang who was even more afraid.
Qin Yu is good at long, good martial arts, a little black on his stomach, and claims to be a jade face langjun.
Coupled with the prestige of the cheap jerseys online china Tiger Gang, Qin Yu walked sideways in Luochuan City, arrogant and domineering, in Yurou Township.
The government has nothing to do with bullying and dominating the market, forcibly robbing people’s girls, and instigating and beating people to do all kinds of evil things.
Therefore, there is a saying in Luochuan City: Jade-faced ghost, Langjun demon. See him, run quickly. I can’t run, I’m dead.
Qin Yu was riding on a white horse, holding a bow in his right hand, with an arrogant and arrogant expression.
The sun was good today, and Qin Yu went out of the city to fight. When he didn’t want to come back, he heard that Jade Square Yuhuan appeared in Yushi Street. How could he miss such good things.
Yumian Langjun Qin Yu, Yuhuan has long been heard in Biyufang.
Yuhuan didn’t want to have a bad relationship with him, so he opened the curtain, walked out, and gave him a blessing, slightly nervously saying: “Yuhuan has seen the young master!”
Yuhuan has a variety of amorous feelings, a natural beauty.
As soon as Qin Yu finished the fight, as an experienced hand, how could this stunner in front of him slip away from his mouth.
If she were to be taken down, he would surely send her to the crotch to ravage her in the roughest way.
Thinking of this, Qin Yu was so cheap jerseys online china that he couldn’t bear to feel the fire in his heart, and said with a wretched smile: “Little beauty, that lame man can’t enjoy you, so let this young master love you.”
“Bah! With me here, I don’t want to hurt a single hair of Girl Yuhuan.” He suddenly said with a murderous voice.
Before coming, Chu Yi explained to him. If there is an accident on the road, when you are in conflict with the other party, you must be ruthless and weak, just take a good sense.
Qin Yu sneered, without saying anything, he threw an arrow and drew his bow, with a “shoo”, the arrow flew quickly and shot towards the violent chest.
“What a murderous opportunity.” He suddenly said secretly.
However, dealing with ordinary Jianghu masters like Qin Yu, suddenly came quite easy. However, in the hands of the fight, he frequently showed weakness and put himself in trouble several times, which made Qin Yu even more confident.
Ling Yan couldn’t sit still, and was about to get out of the carriage, but Chu Yi held his right hand and smiled: “Wait.”
Ling Yan said coldly: “Others cheap jerseys online china been bullied, and you still laughed out.”
Chu Yi shrugged and said, “They are the young leader of the Giant Tiger Gang, with high martial arts and great power. We can’t fight.”
Ling Yan “pooh” and he said, “Shrink his head tortoise.”
Chu Yi immediately said with a serious face: “The tortoise’s head can also be stretched very straight and hard. If you don’t believe it, let me see.”
Seeing him playing a rogue, Ling Yan said coldly: “Let go, or you will be abolished.”
Chu Yi said aggrieved “Ah”, “Isn’t the lady going to be a widow.” Suddenly, he changed the front and said seriously: “Wait.”
Seeing that his expression didn’t cheap jerseys online china to be false, Ling Yan sat back to his original position, frowned and said, “Are you all planned?”
Chu Yi pretended to be mysterious: “You just wait for a good show.”

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