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The remaining 11 thousand taels, Chu Yi did not take them, all kept in the auction house, used as operating funds.
At this moment, everyone was holding a stack of silver bills in their hands, and they felt that the mood was not described by any words, but they only felt that the money had fallen from the sky.
“Quickly, you send the girl Yuhuan back to Biyufang. There is nothing to do later, you stay there. If anyone does not open their eyes and disturbs the girl Yuhuan. Don’t say anything, beat me to death. cheap jerseys not from china, don’t Just kill.” Chu Yi said lightly.
“I see, master.”
Yuhuan wanted to speak, but he didn’t say it after all. Miss Ling Yan is here, what can she say?
After everyone left, only Chu Yi and Ling Yan were left in the room.
“Oh, I’m exhausted.”
Chu Yi got up from the wheelchair and walked back and forth.
After Ling Yan returned from Phoenix Valley, Chu Yi stood up in front of her. Ling Yan knew the truth, kicked him on the bed angrily on the spot, and left angrily.
But on the second day, when Ling Yan saw him being pushed out in a wheelchair, without saying anything, he took the wheelchair from Tong Ming and pushed him to the garden to soak up the sun.
“I see you, why don’t you use those ten thousand taels of silver to buy a private yard for the girl in Yuhuan, and come to a golden nest?” Ling Yan said coldly.
Chu Yi coughed dryly, and explained: “Miss, I and Yuhuan girl are business partners and have no other relationship.”
“Then what kind of relationship do you want?” Ling Yan asked rhetorically.
Chu Yi was stunned for a moment, and then he cheap jerseys not from china that this little girl was jealous, and asked with a smile: “Then what do you want me to do with her?”
“Miss, don’t go, take me back. I’m afraid of the dark”
At noon the next day, Chu Yi lay on a wicker chair in the small courtyard to bask in the sun.
At this time, Liu Hanshan got out of the tunnel, came to the screen, and bowed and said, “The boss, Chengnan Master Liu and Chengdong Song Master send someone to find out when the auction will be held?”
Chu Yi took a sip of tea and said lightly: “Tell them that someone will be notified of the specific time. Also, would you go to Tianxiangfang and Baiweilou in the afternoon to talk to them about cooperation?”
Liu Hanshan stunned. This Tianxiangfang is the place of wind and moon in Luochuan City second only to Biyufang. In the past few years, it has been suppressed by the thriving Biyufang. The fate of this Baiwei Building is similar to that of Tianxiangfang. The building is overshadowed by the limelight.
Liu Hanshan didn’t know what it meant, and said, “My boss, my subordinates don’t understand.”
Chu Yi said: “In this auction, the person invited is cheap jerseys not from china rich or expensive. Naturally, eating, drinking, and having fun are indispensable. But these things cost money. We don’t have enough money now, so we have to find two sponsors to help solve this. Tianxiang Pavilion and Baiwei Tower have always been second in Luochuan City. Naturally, I hope to have a chance to turn around. Not to mention the destruction of Biyufang and Deyuelou. At least everyone is on an equal footing. This time, we will give them a superior position. Opportunity, some blood should be given.”
Liu Hanshan suddenly realized, and admired it in his heart: “What the boss said is very reasonable. Then the subordinates will do it.”
Liu Hanshan led the way.
Chu Yi tapped the edge of the table with five fingers on his right hand, and said in a low voice, “It’s time for the second wave of hype!”
“Come on!” Chu Yi said, and saw a figure flash out, clasping his fists and saying, “Master”
Chu Yi looked at him and said with a smile: “Go to Biyufang to invite the Yuhuan girl over, and say that there is something to do. By the way, all the ten orphans my lady is looking for have been placed?”
Suddenly said truthfully: “All arrangements are in order. After abrupt return to these two days, I will start teaching them their own martial arts.”
Chu Yi nodded and said, “That’s good. Remember, you must lay the groundwork for them. It doesn’t matter if you leave the teacher late!”
With a sudden “um”, he led his orders to Biyufang.
Chu Yi pondered for a moment, and then said: “Old Zhangren is good at alchemy, this martial arts mentality is probably average. This sudden, they have no experience in killing people, these ten good seedlings have to find a top killer to be the master.”

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