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In order to thank all the jade fans, cheap jerseys made in china Square Huakuan Yuhuan is willing to take out three sets of underwear for on-site auction, and 30% of the proceeds will be used to donate to poor families in Luochuan City. All the above matters are the responsibility of Shanyuan Auction House.
Secondly, with two hundred taels of silver, ten luxury carriages were hired for a three-day parade. The carriages were covered with event promotion banners and specially made large-size brochures. The content of the banners read: May 15th, Yuhuan Treasures will be sold in limited quantities.
The carriage parade was cheap jerseys made in china.
Within three days, the entire Luochuan City was boiling. In the streets and alleys, from high-ranking officials to poor people, everyone knows that the oiran jade ring of Jade Square took out their own underwear embroidered with flower names for auction, and there are pictures as evidence.
At the same time, the name of Shanyuan Auction House became the focus of attention overnight. Before that, no one knew the name of Shanyuan Auction House.
But now, turned out. There are divergent opinions about the people behind Shanyuan Auction House.
Chu Mansion.
Chu Yi was sitting in the back garden and was receiving an inquiry from the old lady, asking how his business is doing now. Naturally, Chu Yi would not tell the old lady about the good fate auction house, so she had to conceal: “Grandma, don’t worry, grandson is still thinking about it. After all, there is only one chance, so I can only succeed and not fail.”
The old lady nodded and said, “cheap jerseys made in china twice before acting. If you can think like this, grandma is very pleased. But, you must remember. The big man does something and don’t do anything, don’t do something shameful and ruin it. Your father’s first name.”
Chu Yi said with a smile: “Grandma, don’t worry, grandson will never do anything to be sorry for the Chu family.”
Not far from Shanyuan Auction House, there is a small single-family courtyard. This small courtyard has been unoccupied for several years, and it is a little shabby.
In order to avoid people’s eyes, Chu Yi bought this small courtyard in the name of Ling Yan. Then, he spent money to dig a tunnel from the courtyard directly to the auction house.
Ling Yan arranged for two seniors, Sudden Return and Sudden Come, to buy a house and dig a tunnel.
According to Ling Yan, these two brothers are orphans picked up by his father from outside. The three of them have grown up playing together, and their siblings have a deep relationship.
The two brothers dodged their cigarettes to the sky. Whenever Lingyan asked for anything, the two of them had to take their things to her even at the cost of their lives.
The two brothers knew nothing about alchemy, but they were particularly good at martial arts. The boss rushed back to use the sword, and the second one rushed to use the sword.
Brothers join hearts, swords merge, and the power is even greater. Both of them are absolute masters among the younger disciples of Phoenix Valley.
With these two senior thugs, Chu Yi was happy.
Thinking of a letter, you can have cheap jerseys made in china masters. If I send another letter, can I have four masters?
Chu Yi thought to himself that Ling Hao, who was far away in the Phoenix Valley, sneezed a few times, and muttered, “It’s not this kid who hit me on Phoenix Valley again, right?”
On weekdays, Chu Yi sat on a wicker chair in the small courtyard, basking in the sun, drinking tea, and reading a book, and then sent a series of work instructions to the brothers Menghui and Menglai.
So far, Liu Hanshan, the director of the auction house, has never seen the real face of the owner. Even if Chu Yi took the initiative to talk to him, he still couldn’t see anyone behind the screen.
Liu Hanshan was very curious about this mysterious owner. But he knows in his heart that there are things you don’t want to ask, don’t ask, don’t look at what you don’t, just do your job well.
After all, the wages that this owner paid him were not generally high, but rather high.
When Chu Yi was preparing to run the auction house, he entrusted a few savvy beggars to look for professionals who could satisfy the chief executives at the major banks in Luochuan cheap jerseys made in china.

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