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Yunzhou, Luochuan City.
Chu Mansion Cheap jerseys from china.
A maid led a young man in a white tunic into the side hall.
“My lord, please wait a moment. I’ll report to Madam here.”
“Please do.”
The teenager sat on the mahogany chair with a focused look.
An hour later, the madam the maid spoke of had not yet shown up. The young man did not seem to be in a hurry, just sitting quietly where he was.
“Madam, look at him sitting for an hour, not moving, and with a calm and taciturn look, which means he is very stable. And the tea has not moved, which means he is very cautious. I didn’t expect that the Yang family could produce such a talent, it’s really quite unexpected.”
“It’s also time to meet him.”
At this time, a middle-aged woman dressed in purple fancy clothes was seen walking into the side hall.
When the young man saw the woman walk in, he got up and gave her a junior salute, and was about to speak when the woman, with a tight frown, spoke before him, “How old are you Cheap jerseys from china?”
The young man froze for a moment and said, “After the Mid-Autumn Festival, I will be seventeen.”
The woman said indifferently, “Who else is at home?”
The young man answered honestly: “Grandfather passed away a year ago, now only my little sister and I are left at home.”
The woman raised her head and gave him a cold look, thinking that since the old man was dead, there was no need to keep the marriage contract between the two families.
Thinking of this, the woman said in a cold voice: “Back then, the old man lost three games in a row with your grandfather in chess, and that’s why he and your little sister made a baby marriage.”
The young man’s right hand was about to be tucked into his pocket when the woman, with a sharp eye, grabbed it: “Let’s see. Since the two old masters have both passed away, this marriage is over Cheap jerseys from china.”
The young man froze for a moment, looked at the woman a few times, the words that had come to his mouth were suppressed.
In the side hall, a moment of silence.
Half a sound, the woman said in a deep voice: “You give me the marriage certificate. As for the compensation to your Yang family, you can propose. My Chu family will do as you wish.”
The young man did not speak, but his hands clenched his shirt tightly, this scene fell into the woman’s eyes. She had a cold smile in her heart, waiting for the teenager to get angry, once angry, things will be better to talk.
For a moment, the teenager looked up at the woman, puzzled: “Why?”
The woman froze for a moment, secretly saying that such a stupid question was asked. But since the words have come to this point, naturally, you have to add more fire to bring the water to a boil.
“There is no reason, because my Chu family does not agree!”
The young man knew in his heart that since his grandfather’s death, the Yang family was no longer the original Yang family.
Marriages between the big families were usually political marriages, and it was all about the right family. Since the Yang family has fallen, this marriage is naturally necessary.
The reasoning is this, but to keep the agreement is also a gentleman’s work.
“Is it that simple?” The young man asked rhetorically.
The woman laughed coldly: “It’s that simple!”
The young man pondered for a moment and calmly said, “My younger sister was accepted as a disciple of the Five Elder Peaks by chance a few years ago. Last month, my younger sister’s master sent word to me to break off the marriage contract with the Chu family.”
At these words, the woman’s delicate body slightly shaken, the cup of tea in her hand almost slipped, her eyes revealed incredible gaze.
The young man’s expression remained calm, not excited by the five old peaks.
Five old peaks, that is the South Tang territory on the mountain where the immortals practice living. The world rarely heard, the woman also learned by chance from her husband’s mouth Cheap jerseys from china.
It is said that the South Tang’s current State Master, Dao Yan, is from the Five Old Peaks. Dao Yan is a person of great status in the court, even the current emperor treats him with respect.

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