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Thinking of what she said before cheap jerseys from china reddit, the woman couldn’t wait to puck her mouth, for no reason to miss such a great opportunity.
The boy didn’t seem to notice the change in the woman’s expression at all, and said indifferently: “On the way here, outsiders say that Master Xiaohou is stupid. However, I don’t care cheap jerseys from china reddit. The marriage contract is set by my grandfather, and my Yang family naturally keeps it. So I refused. Wulaofeng’s request.”
The woman was overjoyed and said with a flattering smile: “This is the best. Otherwise, now Grandpa Hou is at the border, I am repairing a book, and I am preparing for the marriage in the near future. How about?”
The boy glanced at her and said lightly: “Now, I have changed my mind.”
With a crisp sound, the woman accidentally slammed the tea cup on the table due to shock, rolled it to the ground, and broke to the ground.
The woman trembled and asked, “Why?”
The teenager got up and saluted, did not answer such a question, and was about to turn around and walk out of the side hall.
At this moment, a young master who looked stupidly rushed in. Accidentally hit the boy.
The young master looked at the scholar-like teenager in front of him, and laughed stupidly.
The boy also looked at him with a smile on his face, and reached out his hand to pat his shoulder gently.
“Brother, let’s go?”
The boy nodded and said, “Go!”
“Brother, won’t you play with me?”
The boy smiled and said, “Come and play with you next time!”
“Oh fine!”
The young man suddenly turned around, looked at the woman sitting in the hall, and said seriously: “Two years later, the little girl went down the mountain to visit relatives, whether she was not in me to break the marriage contract.
After that, the boy stopped paying attention to the woman and left.
Not long after the boy had left, he saw an old man in his sixties coming in.
“Butler Liu, what do you think?”
Steward Liu groaned: “This son has an extraordinary temperament, and he emphasizes promises. He has a very good character.”
The woman smiled bitterly and said, “In your opinion?”
Steward Liu pondered for a moment cheap jerseys from china reddit, and said, “If you lose your horse, you know you are not good. Although the Yang family is in decline, some favors are still there. If he can stand out in the spring of next year, he is worthy of cultivation according to the old slave’s humble opinion.”
The woman nodded and said, “Then do as you said. Send someone to stare at him, and report any situation at any time.”
“Yes, ma’am!”
The woman looked up at him, saw that he was hesitant to speak, and asked: “If you have anything to say, just say it!”
Steward Liu smiled and said: “Don’t hide the truth, the old slave has been working in the Chu family since he was a child, and now he has been in the Chu family for more than sixty years. But in the past two years, the older he gets, the more confused he is.
The woman frowned slightly and asked, “The old lady mentioned this to me once. But, does someone have to do this?”
Steward Liu smiled and said: “Madam, Young Master Han is talented and quick to get started. It’s time to put a burden on him.”
The woman stretched her brows slightly cheap jerseys from china reddit, and smiled faintly: “Qingya, this child is really good. But after all, he is too young and lacks qualifications. I am afraid that the subordinates are not convinced. Besides, there are too many doorways and too deep to deal with well. , There will be problems.”
Steward Liu insisted: “That said. But there is a wife behind him, and the young master follows and executes it. There should be no problems.”
The woman sighed a few times and said helplessly: “If you return home, I won’t have a birthday.”
Butler Liu smiled and said, “Madam laughed.”
“Also, don’t talk to the old lady about today’s matter.” The woman lowered her voice cheap jerseys from china reddit.

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