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Tonight the crescent moon is like a hook, and the stars are a little bit starry.
It was like water and clear, falling on her cheap jerseys from china paypal, and the night wind was like a woman’s gentle hand, caressing her face, touching her blue silk. At this moment, Ling Yan seemed to blend in with the moonlight, his figure was like water and wind, singing and humming softly.
Chu Yi opened his eyes slightly and looked around, only to see a figure not far away. I wanted to see who it was, but fell asleep again.
In an instant, a month passed. During this period, Ling Yan basically figured out the situation of the Chu family.
The ancestor of the Chu family was born as a general and was a hero of the founding of the Southern Tang Dynasty.
Only after Chu family generals were fewer, cheap jerseys from china paypal imperial examination was not the first, and it was gradually declining.
Until Chu Jianfeng, the third generation descendant of the Chu family, was born, the status of the Chu family was elevated again.
Chu Jianfeng is like his name. What Jianfeng pointed out was invincible, so that the Northern Husbands bowed their heads to the Southern Tang Dynasty and paid annual tribute.
In this way, the northern border of the Southern Tang Dynasty has enjoyed nearly ten years of peace, commerce and trade are prosperous, and the people live and work in peace and contentment.
Chu Jianfeng was highly appreciated by the emperor, and remembered his outstanding military service. In his unconquerable years, he was appointed a general of the country.
The Han family of Chu Jianfeng’s main room is deceased, and he has one son and one daughter. His daughter’s name is Chu Yue. She entered the Qingcheng Mountain Ziyang Temple practice at the age of three and has not returned yet. His son Chu Yi had a serious illness inexplicably when he was five years old. He had a high fever for seven days. After he recovered from his illness, he became foolish.
The Wei family in the side room has a son with Chu Jianfeng, named Chu Huai, who is eighteen years old and two years older than Chu Yi. At the age of fifteen, Chu Huai guarded the border with his father.
Because of his outstanding combat cheap jerseys from china paypal, he has been promoted to a guerrilla general. He is young and promising from the fifth rank.
Today, the head of the Chu Mansion is the Wei family. However, in the event of major events, Wei had to ask the old lady Chu Jianfeng’s mother to decide.
Han Qingya, the son of Wei’s sister, was connected to the Chu Mansion because of the failure of the Han family’s family.
Wei said something nice to the old lady from time to time. After a long time, the old lady had a good impression of him, and he was relieved to do some things.
Han Qingya Zhan is backed by his aunt, and his words and deeds are quite arrogant. Treat Chu Yi with bullying for pleasure.
Although the subordinates know it, they dare not speak because of cheap jerseys from china paypal lewdness.
What’s more, under Han Qingya’s instigation and acquiescence, some subordinates often deliberately make things difficult and humiliate. Helplessly, Chu Yi is a foolish person, so I think these are games, just fun.
Ling Yan felt a little more sympathy for the fool Chu Yi after learning of these inside stories.
At this moment, Chu Yi was still in a coma.
However, due to taking the Pei Yuan Dan cheap jerseys from china paypal by Ling Hao, his face was flushed, his breathing was even, and his physical characteristics were good, he just couldn’t wake up.
The old lady came to look at it from time to time. Although she felt disappointed, she still had hope.

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