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Ling Yan was sad, and didn’t pay attention to the look on his father’s face, and said cheap jerseys from china nhl: “Father, don’t worry, I will take care of the prodigal son.”
When speaking of the word “care”, Ling Yan’s face showed a hint of viciousness. If it weren’t for Chu Yi’s stubbornness to her, how could there be today’s situation. All of this is thanks to him.
Standing next to Ling Hao, Qiu Ming stared at Ling Yan and said with concern: “Junior sister, if that guy treats you again after waking up, you tell him that he will definitely help you.”
When he finished speaking, Ling Hao shouted: “Naughty! Come back to the valley with me!”
After finishing speaking, he ignored Lingyan and left in cheap jerseys from china nhl.
Ling Yan looked at the back of her father’s departure, her face was full of sorrow. This was the first time she had been away from home for such a long time.
Adding to the fact that he was in trouble, the old man lost his face and paid a good pill. It is estimated that when she returns to the valley, there will be no good fruit.
Thinking of this, Ling Yan’s head grew big, and he said helplessly, “Brain hurts!”
Back to Chu Mansion, a little maid led cheap jerseys from china nhl into a small courtyard.
“Miss, this is where you live. From now on, my servant will take care of the daily life of the lady.” The little maid respectfully said.
Before coming, Wei had already confessed to her and asked her to take good care of Ling Yan. Chi Wei asked her when she was on a business trip.
Ling Yan got used to it alone in Guzhong. Suddenly someone came to serve him and found it very inconvenient. He politely declined: “I am used to living by myself, so I don’t need you to serve anymore.”
Upon hearing the words, the maid immediately knelt down, crying and begging: “Please miss me not to drive me away, or my wife will definitely kill me.”
Ling Yan asked puzzledly: “Why is this?”
The maid cried and said: “If the lady doesn’t want me, it means I’m not doing well. Such servants will either be beaten or sold out. I beg the lady to show mercy and keep me behind.”
Ling Yan really couldn’t understand. He had seen the woman’s face in the lobby before, smiling like a flower, unlike that kind of vicious person. Never thought that he would treat his subordinates so harshly.
“Okay. Get up. By the way, what’s your name?”
The maid quickly got up, wiped away the cheap jerseys from china nhl, and respectfully said: “The slave is called Qingwen.”
“How far is this fool from here?”
Qingwen froze for a while, and quickly dissuaded her: “Miss, don’t say the word idiot in the mansion. If it is known by the old lady, it will be more serious.”
Ling Yan suddenly wilted, dare to feel that this Chu Mansion is a big fire pit, can’t do anything, can’t say anything, and said helplessly: “Bao Kuo really hurts!”
“Miss, this is not far from Master Xiaohou’s room, just turn left a few steps out and you will be there.”
Ling Yan knew in his heart that she lived here and thought it was convenient to take care of that fool.
In the room, Ling Yan was sitting at the table, resting his cheek in his right hand, and muttered to himself: “I can’t imagine that my dignified lady sold herself to the Chu Mansion as a servant girl. I am really pissed off. Humph. It’s all that dead fool. You wake up, see if I don’t treat you well.”
But when she remembered the confession and disappointment in her father’s eyes when she left, she decided to go and see the fool on the bed. After all, it was her kick.
In the evening, Ling Yan came to Chu Yi’s room. Sitting on the head of the bed, he looked carefully at Chu Yi, with fair complexion, beautiful eyes, and very handsome.
“Unexpectedly, the long one is very handsome, but a good skin, but he is a prodigal son, a lascivious.” Ling Yan showed a pity, but he was not forgiving.
After a while, Ling Yan sighed. Immediately, looking at Chu Yi, there seemed to be pain between his brows, and he seemed to be suffering from great pain.
Where did Ling Yan know that in Chu Yi’s body, that blue light was fusing his three souls and seven cheap jerseys from china nhl, as well as all his memories.
Ling Yan paused, stretched out his right hand, and gently stroked his eyebrows, as if trying to relieve his pain.
After a while, Ling Yan sighed a few times, got up and went to the window, staring at the night in a daze.

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