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Wulaofeng had a lofty status in the Taoist sect, Ling Hao knew better than anyone else.
After thinking about it, Ling Hao decided to visit and apologize personally, so as not to make Phoenix Valley into a desperate situation.
Immediately cheap jerseys from china nba, Ling Hao took the panacea to Chu’s house in Luochuan City.
Out of consideration for her grandson, the old lady bit the bullet and proposed a three-year agreement, that is, to invite Ling Yan into the mansion and accompany Chu Yi for three years.
Ling Hao wanted to refuse, but his daughter was hurt, so he gritted his teeth cruelly and agreed.
The old lady said gratifiedly: “Lord Linggu, that’s the case. The limit is three years. If my grandson still can’t wake up within three years, Lingyuan can leave Chu Mansion. My Chu Mansion will never pursue any further investigations. This matter.”
Ling Hao pondered for a moment cheap jerseys from china nba, and said: “The old lady is magnanimous, and Shi is grateful. Shi has no objection to the three-year appointment. It’s just that my little girl grew up in the mountains since she was a child, and she has been less disciplined and used to being wild. If so. If there is anything wrong with serving Xiaohouye, please take care of the old lady.”
After speaking, Ling Hao got up and bowed to the old lady.
Immediately, Ling Hao took out a green wooden box and a red wooden box from between the cuffs, and said, “Old lady, these are the Qinglu Jade Condensation Pill and Peiyuan Pill refined by my Phoenix Valley. There are three Peiyuan Pills, which are given every year. Xiaohouye takes one, it has the effect of strengthening the foundation and cultivating the vitality!”
The old lady was startled, and then her face showed joy. She has heard of Qinglu Yuning Pill, it can be said that it is hard to find a million gold, and she is really happy if she doesn’t want to get one today.
The old lady smiled and said, “Thank you very much, Lord Linggu. Lord Linggu, don’t worry, there is an old body, so Lingyuan won’t suffer in the mansion.” Ling Hao nodded, did not speak, just turned and glanced while standing behind him. Daughter.
Seeing his father sigh in a low voice cheap jerseys from china nba, Ling Yan not only sold her to the Chu Mansion for three years, but also lost four pills.
Clear Dew Jade Condensation Pill is difficult to refine, and one can be given away. But Pei Yuan Dan was ten times more difficult than Qing Lu Yu Ning Dan, and three of them were given as soon as they were shot, which was a huge loss.
When Ling Yan was so wronged, he could not wait to pull up the fool lying on the bed and beat him up.
Ling Hao left Chu Mansion farewell.
Ling Yan took her father to the gate of the city.
Ling Hao patted Ling Yan on the shoulder and smiled and said, “Okay, just send it here. Yan’er, it’s lucky to have today’s situation. But you have to remember, you must abide by your promise and take good care of your child. Lord Hou. Otherwise”
Ling Hao didn’t finish the following words, but the expression on his face became slightly solemn.
Before coming to Luochuan, Ling Hao made a friend and went to Phoenix Valley as a guest, so he took a divination for Ling Yan by the way.
According to the words of Gua Xiang, Ling Yan will have a lifetime of death at the age of eighteen. If this catastrophe goes through safely, it will be fine in the future. But if you can’t get through it, you will die.
Ling Hao was shocked when he heard the words. But he also knows that the way of divination is really revealing the secrets of heaven, and even if you don’t say anything about life loss cheap jerseys from china nba, it will also deplete the way.
The death of the cute girl is near, and he has to worry about it.
In desperation, Ling Hao could only ask his old friend to make another divination and seek this way to overcome the calamity. The price was to offer a Phoenix Fire Pill.
This pill is the treasure of Phoenix Valley. From the creation of Phoenix Valley to the present seven generations, there are only three.
Guayan, the place where Lingyan crossed the catastrophe was in Luochuan City, and the person who helped it survive the catastrophe happened to be Chu Mansion. However, it was only after he entered Luochuan City that he determined that the position was exactly where the Chu Mansion was located.
Today, Ling Yan is only seventeen years old, and another year will be eighteen.
Ling Hao didn’t dare to delay, and quickly sent someone to call Ling Yan over. But Ling Yan sneaked out of the valley without knowing where he was.
Just when he was about to let him go out to find, Senior Brother Ling Yan Qiu Ming rushed in and told about what happened.
Upon hearing this, Ling Hao was stunned cheap jerseys from china nba. Unexpectedly, what the hexagram said seems to have begun to appear.

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