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Steward Liu nodded and said, “Yes, ma’am cheap jerseys from china mlb.”
After Steward Liu left, the woman turned her head to look at Chu Yi who was sitting on the ground eating cakes, with a sneer at the corners of her mouth.
If this fool dies unexpectedly, then think of a way to replace Li Zheng and let her son Chu Huai marry the Yang family.
At that time cheap jerseys from china mlb, the Chu family has Wulaofeng as its backing, and it must be one person and ten thousand people.
Thinking of those supreme longings cheap jerseys from china mlb, the woman’s eyes seemed to shine with great light.
That night, the woman wrote a letter by herself, prompting her confidant to rush to inform Chu Huai who was far away in the border.

Chapter 2 You Are My Wife
Shili Street, Deyuelou.
On the second floor, there is an elegant seat near the window. Chu Yi lowered his head to gnaw on the chicken legs, eating with relish, not paying attention to the contemptuous glances from the other two.
“Brother Han, why did you bring this fool out to be more disappointed.” Song Ping said slightly displeased.
Han Qingya smiled and said: “Brother Song, you don’t understand this. How boring we two drink, is there such a fool, is there still lack of fun?”
At this time, Han Qingya stood up, came to the window, and looked not far away. Suddenly, my eyes lit up, and I saw a woman wearing a green shirt standing in front of a jewellery stall on the street.
The woman is about sixteen or seventeen years old. She has a graceful figure, like a crescent moon, like flowers and trees with snow, and a beautiful and vulgar face, just like a pearl and jade, pure and flawless.
At this moment, the green-clothed woman was playing with a jade, her lips were smiling, and she was so beautiful.
Seeing this scene, the purple-clothed young master was a little obsessed with his heart, with lustful expressions on his face unconsciously, and suddenly turned his head and shouted to Chu Yi: “Fool, come here cheap jerseys from china mlb.”
Chu Yi smirked: “Cousin!”
Han Qingya smiled slightly, put her arm around his shoulder, pointed her right finger at the woman below, and said, “Cousin, look at the girl below. If you hold her, kiss her a few times and call her lady. Cousin will do it every day. Bring you to Yuelou to eat delicious food.”
When Chu Yi heard something delicious, he rushed down to the second floor with joy, dashed forward, hugged the woman from behind and yelled: “Lady, lady, you are my lady.”
Immediately, her greasy mouth gave her a few kisses on her right cheek, and her cheek was stained with oil.
The woman was stunned for an instant. She never thought that in broad daylight, there would be a man who was lighter than her in the street.
After a few breaths, the woman suddenly reacted, turned around, flew out with her right foot, kicked the abdomen of Young Master Qingshang fiercely, and flew out. With a sound of “gudong” cheap jerseys from china mlb, the man in Tsing Yi hit the wall and fell to the ground, suddenly fainting.
This scene stunned the two upstairs. They didn’t expect that this woman would have so much strength, kicking him three feet away.
The woman stood motionless in the same place, her face was pale, just now in a hurry, she used 50% to 60% strength. She has been practicing martial arts since she was a child, and the 50% or 60% of the strength that broke out at this moment is enough to kill ordinary people, not to mention that she was unsuspecting, and immediately said: “I killed someone cheap jerseys from china mlb!”
Suddenly, someone in the crowd exclaimed: “cheap jerseys from china mlb!”

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