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God doctor Xue said in deep thought cheap jerseys from china free shipping: “Back to the old lady, Master Xiaohou suffered a severe head injury, I’m afraid I won’t wake up for a while.”
Hearing this, the old lady looked gray and asked: “How long does it take to wake up?”
Doctor Xue pondered for a moment, and said: “The old man has also encountered cases like Xiao Hou Ye. The short one is several days, the elderly several years, and even the whole life is not awake.”
The old lady suddenly burst into tears cheap jerseys from china free shipping, and the whole person shuddered. If it hadn’t been for the help of the maid, I would have fallen down, and said in tears: “How can it be good? If there is really a long and two shortcomings, how can I tell his father?”
Doctor Xue paused, and then said: “Old lady, there is no way to wake up Xiaohou. However, this old method cannot guarantee that it will work.”
The old lady was overjoyed and hurriedly asked: “Mr. Xue, come here quickly. No matter what method, you have to try.”
Doctor Xue pondered for a moment and said: “Old lady, Master Xiao Hou is in a coma, and she keeps calling for the maiden and maiden. According to the old view, as long as the young lady speaks more by the side of Master Xiaohou every day. There is still the possibility of Master Hou being awakened.”
“Lady? When did he have a lady?” the old lady thought.
Master Xue was shocked for a moment, and asked, “Master Xiaohou hasn’t gotten married yet?” As soon as she said the words, Master Xue knew that the question was a little abrupt.
The old lady smiled bitterly, and said: “Mr. Xue, my grandson is stupid, which girl is willing to marry to my Chu family. Besides, even if my son agrees, my old woman disagrees.”
Doctor Xue is a sensible person. He naturally knows what the old lady means, and he ponders for a moment and said: “However, since Master Xiaohou never forgets this woman, he must have a soft spot for her. Instead, the old lady can make a lot of money for this woman Hire him to serve Master Xiaohou. In this way, maybe you will be in love for a long time cheap jerseys from china free shipping, but it will be a good marriage.”
The old lady was overjoyed and secretly said that the method that Doctor Xue said was very good.
But the old lady knew in her heart that the lady in Chu Yi’s mouth was the one who injured him. And the woman is in the prison of the governor’s house, if she wants this woman to stay willingly to serve her grandson, I’m afraid it’s a bit tricky.
Thinking of this, the old lady sighed in her heart. But right now there is only this method, and I have to try it.
Not long after everyone left, a cyan light galloped in the eastern sky and shot into Chu Yi’s room.

Chapter 3 Three Years Agreement
At noon the next day, the old lady and Wei were meeting a middle-aged man in a gray robes in the living room.
The man with sword eyebrows and star eyes, with extraordinary temperament, was Ling Hao, the seventh-generation valley master of Phoenix Valley.
Phoenix Valley does not belong to the Jianghu school, but is the root of Dao Men Dan Dao. The main medicines of Phoenix Valley are Qinglu Yuning Pill and Peiyuan Pill.
And what made him famous is this clear dew jade condensing pill, this pill has the effect of keeping appearance and beauty, and it is difficult to get one at the royal family of the Southern Tang Dynasty and the women of the noble family at all costs.
Therefore, when the old lady and Wei Shi learned the true identity of this person, they were shocked to hear from ear to ear.
Never thought that the woman turned out to be the daughter of the Phoenix Valley Lord, named Ling Yan.
Ling Hao came to the door personally cheap jerseys from china free shipping, and indeed had some consideration.
Phoenix Valley is located in a deep valley in the Phoenix Mountain to the north of Luochuan. It is always isolated from the outside world and does not deal with the world. Therefore, few people know their specific location.
Therefore, if it was an ordinary person, Ling Hao really had no scruples and directly compensated for the matter. But this time Ling Yan was injured by the son of Nan Tang Zhongyong Hou Chu Jianfeng.
In addition to Chu Jianfeng’s fame, even though Ling Hao has lived in the deep valley for a long time, Che also heard about it.
After inquiring carefully, he knew that the Chu family was the founder of the Southern Tang Dynasty and had hereditary titles.
Therefore, Ling Hao couldn’t tell how deep the Chu family’s background was.
But if the Chu family had trouble finding cheap jerseys from china free shipping Valley because of this, it would definitely not be difficult.
After all, there is still the real person Daoyan from the Wu Lao Peak in Kyoto.

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