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Ling Yan was stunned by Tong Ming’s clever mouth, and then he gave up and stayed. After that, Tong Ming immediately went out to work, leaving only Ling Yan and Chu Yi in the cheap jerseys from china for sale.
Chu Yi coughed twice, and said: “Lady, you have worked hard all the way.” Chu Yi understood that Ling Yan did not come back today. After returning to the house, he knew that he was here and rushed over immediately. Maybe even tea. Did not take a sip. Chu Yi vividly remembers Ling Yan’s past. Although, I like to touch her for cheap, but deep cheap jerseys from china for sale I respect her and there is no hint of profanity.
Ling Yan glared at him a few times and said, “I’m not here for a few days, what have you been messing about? I heard that you almost became the guest of the Jade Square Oiran. You are really good at it.”
Chu Yi laughed and said, “The lady is jealous. No, you are not here. I was bored. I arrived at Biyufang somehow, and somehow became a guest on the scene. But rest assured, I will do it for you. Defending yourself like a jade, I won’t be the guest of the curtain even if I’m killed.”
Seeing that he was not serious, Ling Yan was accustomed to his virtue anyway, but his face was still a little unhappy, and he coldly snorted, “You are jealous. It’s up to me whether you are a guest of the curtain. It only takes three years. Once we arrive, we will part ways.”
Three-year agreement. A trace of disappointment flashed through Chu Yi’s eyes, but the expression on his face remained the same, saying: “Three years, maybe we will give birth to a bunch of babies!”
Ling Yan had never seen such a shameless person, his face was flushed with anger, but it was really good-looking, and Chu Yi couldn’t help but look a little silly.
At this moment, I heard a woman’s voice outside the door and said, “Excuse me, is Lord Xiaohou here?”
Chu Yi looked at the door, and saw a young woman standing outside the door, who was Yuhuan’s personal maid, Lan’er.
Lan’er walked in with a baggage and cheap jerseys from china for sale and said, “Master Xiaohou, this is my lady who asked me to send it over.”
Chu Yi raised her brows and said, “I’m not going to pick it up, how come I have it delivered?”
Lan’er said: “The young lady feels the wind and cold, and is afraid of infecting Master Xiaohou, hereby send Lan’er the things that Master Xiaohou needs.”
Chu Yi took the burden and said, “When I say hello to the Yuhuan girl, I will visit the house in the future. By the way, how do you know that I am here?”
Lan’er said: “Yesterday I went to find Master Xiao Hou in the mansion, but unfortunately I ran into Master Tong. Master Tong told Lan’er.”
Chu Yi said “Oh” without saying anything. Lan’er left after delivering the things.
After Lan’er left, Ling Yan sneered: “This Yuhuan girl is kind of thinking about you. She’s afraid of catching the wind and cold, and she’s a gift.”
When Chu Yi heard her jealousy, he was very happy, but his face was serious: “Lady, you have misunderstood. This girl Yuhuan is just my business partner, and I only have business dealings with her.”
Ling Yan gave him a sip, and said, “It’s still in business dealings, I think it is Lang Youqing, the concubine is interested.” After speaking, Ling Yan took the burden with one hand, opened it, and his face turned red. Among the baggage are women’s underwear, with a faint fragrance, and the clothes are embroidered with a beautiful font: Yuhuan.
Ling Yan was so angry that he couldn’t wait to slap this shameless prodigal son with a palm, and was about to throw away the burden. Chu Yi snatched it and said with worry: “This is my business. cheap jerseys from china for sale. If we throw it away, we will completely lose our money.”
“You, you, you, you are so shameless!” After speaking, Ling Yan walked directly into the room and ignored him.
Chu Yi looked at her figure, sighed helplessly, and said to himself: “Isn’t it just a few underwear, as for the fire. However, the smell is really intoxicating, and people are dreaming about it.”
This is the intimate clothing that makes cheap jerseys from china for sale men in Luochuan City obsessed and fantasizes about the ultimate object, a good thing that a daughter can hardly find.

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