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After Chu Yi paid a thousand taels of silver from the account, he asked Tong Ming to find a house in Luochuan City. Three days later, Chu Yi took a fancy to a two-story building with a courtyard on Mingmen Street in the east of the city. Soon, Chu Yi signed a contract with the landlord under a false name and paid the landlord’s rent for three years in one lump cheap jerseys from china.
Since it was clear before the old lady, Chu Yi couldn’t borrow the name of the Chu family to do business outside, so except for the one thousand taels of silver, Chu Yi had to figure out a solution on her cheap jerseys from china 2021.
After settling in, Chu Yi sat in the front yard, looked up at the sky, and sighed: “This house is also available, but there are few nursing homes.”
As soon as Tong Ming heard it, he took the words and said, “Sister Ling is coming back in a few days. Sister Ling is so powerful that she can be used as a nursing home.”
When Chu Yi heard this, he said, “Why did I forget the lady. By the way, when will my lady come back?”
Tong Ming thought for a while, and said, “The old lady only gives Sister Ling one month. I think I should be back in the next few days.”
Chu Yi nodded, and said, “It’s time to come back. But the lady can’t do it alone, so she has to find a few masters for fear of exhausting her.”
Tong Ming nodded and said: “If you don’t let Sister Ling call a few from the teacher’s door, that’s all right.”
Chu Yi slapped his thigh and said happily, “This is a good idea. Just do it. Now everything is ready, I only owe Dongfeng.”
Tong Ming said in a puzzled way: “Master, what is this east wind?”
Chu Yi smiled and said, “This east wind is to build momentum. The bigger the momentum is, the more we can earn.”
Tong Ming said “Oh”, seemingly understanding but not understanding, and asked: “Master, how do you create this momentum?”
Chu Yi looked at him a few times and said: “The knowledge of building momentum is so great. If you tell you that you don’t understand, then you will understand. You will do two things for me now: One is from Luochuan City. Find the best painter, and the second is to find the best photocopying agency in Luochuan.”
Tong Ming pondered for a moment, and said, “It’s okay, Master. But if I go out to do errands, who will take care of you.”
“I will take care of him!”
Chu Yi was startled, and when he turned his head, he saw a beautiful woman walking in, not Ling Yan or who else.
“Lady, see you in a day like three autumns!”
Chu Yi hurriedly pushed the wheelchair and rushed cheap jerseys from china, expressing his happiness without saying a word.
Ling Yan gave him a white look, and said angrily: “I think you don’t fight for three days, go to Liang Jiewa.”
Chu Yi laughed and said, “Miss, how did you know that I am here? Ah! I know, I must have a clear heart.”
Ling Yan took a mouthful of him, and said angrily: “Deng the prodigal son, your mouth is slick.”
Chu Yi took an inch and said: “Miss, kiss, how can I know that I am glib and tongue if I don’t kiss.” After speaking, he stretched out his hand to hug Ling Yan. Ling Yan’s eyes were quick, and he stepped back and avoided, and shouted angrily: “If you’re in trouble, I’ll dispose of you.”
Chu Yi didn’t get angry but laughed, and said, “Then, doesn’t the lady have to take care of me forever.”
Ling Yan couldn’t tell him, his angry face was slightly red, and he stamped his feet: “I’m too lazy to care about you.” After speaking, he turned and left. Upon seeing this, Tong Ming rushed over and shouted: “Sister Ling, Sister Ling, don’t go. If you leave, who will take care of the young master?”
Ling Yan snorted coldly, and said, “He has nothing to do with me if he is dead!”
Tong Ming begged: “Sister Ling, you don’t know something. The young master has changed his mind and is determined to start a business and start a new life. Anyway, give him a chance.
After changing his mind, determined to do business, and re-behave, this Tong Ming didn’t blink his eyes when he was talking nonsense. Chu Yi looked at him, and now what he lacks is talents, and they are like-minded and loyal talents.
No doubt about hiring, no doubt about it. Since you cheap jerseys from china to use him, even if you have any doubts, let him do it appropriately. The key lies in how you control him and reduce the risk to your own acceptable range.

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