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For a moment, Boss Zhu tentatively said: “I cheap football jerseys from china what price the son can offer?”
Chu Yi smiled and said, “How about five taels in a book?”
Boss Zhu said “Ah” and stared at him incredulously. There were five taels in each booklet, and the price was not generally high.
Boss Zhu opened his eyes and smiled: “My son, how many copies do you want to print?”
Chu Yi paused and said, “Three hundred womens nfl jerseys cheap.”
Boss Zhu has a golden light in his eyes. One book is five taels. Three hundred copies are 1,500 taels. This time he made a lot of money: “My son, the price is set at this point, and I will prepare the contract now.”
Chu Yi said, “Boss Zhu, don’t worry, I haven’t finished speaking. I’m a little nervous now, and I can’t make money. I can only pay you a deposit of fifty-two in the early stage. How do you settle?”
Boss Zhu was shocked, and his eyes began to turn straight, which meant that he had to pay for it in the early stage. If this booklet cannot sell the market, then the money paid in front of him will be lost.
“My son, the deposit is normally 30%. But my son has a lot of demands, at least 50%. I am also a small business, and my family still counts on me to eat.”
Chu Yi sighed and said, “Since Boss Zhu can’t  cheap football jerseys from china this risk, then I will find someone else. See off the guests!” Chu Yi directly cut off his retreat, not giving him room for negotiation.
Upon seeing this, Boss Zhu gritted his teeth, begging for the so-called wealth and danger. He can eat for two or three years with his vote. He said: “Wait. Son, give me a deposit of 100 tael, and I will do it.”
Chu Yi laughed and said, “Boss Zhu is so bold! One hundred taels is one hundred taels. Also, you don’t need to prepare the contract. I’m ready. Let’s sign it now. Tong Ming, take the contract out.”
After a stick of incense, Chu Yi signed two cheap football jerseys from china with Boss Zhu, each holding one. After Boss Zhu got the contract, he immediately went back to prepare, and only waited for Chu Yi to deliver the painting.
In the evening, the painter handed the painted picture to Chu Yi, and Chu Yi looked at it carefully. The woman in the painting is like a fairy descending from the earth, free from the mundane and mundane. The beauty is so beautiful that it makes people love it.
“Are the other paintings finished?” Chu Yi asked in a low voice.
The painter said: “My son, you have finished painting as you ordered.”
Chu Yi gave an “um” and said, “I don’t need to teach you what to do.”
The painter said: “This old man understands naturally, the son can rest assured.”
Chu Yi took out a silver ticket from his cuff and handed it to the painter: “This is reward, one hundred taels!”
The painter froze. He didn’t expect that he would have so much money for painting a few very simple paintings. He hurriedly took the cash and said gratefully: “Thank you, son!”
The painter took the silver ticket and left with joy. Before he left, he didn’t forget that Chu Yi would look for him if he still had such a thing in the future.
Chu Mansion.
Chu Yi stared at the four portraits in his hands, his face blooming with joy, especially the picture of the beauty going out in the bath, with white silk gauze covering his face, and a pair of beautiful eyes. Wrapped in thin red silk gauze, the mountain peaks are undulating, and the fragrant grasses looming three inches below are looming, making people cheap football jerseys from china in spring, waving the flag and shouting below.
The other three are three sets of underwear from Yuhuan, which are pink, emerald green, and moon white.
The next day, boss Zhu received four portraits of Chu Yicong.
What Boss Zhu saw was the ripples of his heart, and he couldn’t put it down. Looking at the two characters Yuhuan embroidered on the underwear, it was even more like a treasure. I couldn’t help putting the painting in front of my nose and sniffing a few mouthfuls, faintly smelling the light fragrance.
At the same time, Chu Yi also provided a poem for the manual:
It is as red as white with fragrance. Outside the Jin Palace, the mist is light and rainy. The swallow did not know the sorrow, and fell into tears at dusk.
The candle flower is at the bottom of the red curtain. I am afraid of thinking of people, and the coldness of spring is sleeping. Dreaming of Yuhuanjiao, and being drunk by Dongfeng again.
Handbook inscription: Proudly produced by cheap football jerseys from china Auction House

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