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Chu Yi became famous in the first battle of Biyufang and became cheap custom jerseys from china.
Even the old lady who lived deep in the Jane had heard of it, and she was very happy in her heart, and she had more expectations for Chu Yi.
In the garden, Chu Yi and the old lady sat in wicker chairs and chatted.
The old lady said: “Yi’er, you are sixteen, what do you cheap custom jerseys from china?”
Chu Yi was taken aback, the old lady secretly wanted to make career plans for herself.
He has thought about this question. Let him lead the army to fight, it seems that he has no ability; let him take the imperial examination as a civil servant, but he is not interested. The only thing I am interested in is doing business and making money.
Chu Yi pondered for a moment, and said truthfully: “Don’t hide from grandma, grandson has already thought about it. I want to do business!”
The old lady was surprised, but more of a loss.
Although the old lady lives in Luochuan, she still has a deep understanding of the situation in Kyoto.
Nowadays, the territory of the Southern Tang Dynasty is peaceful and the borders are stable. The power of the court is transferred to a large number of officials such as the prime minister and Liubu Shangshu. The emphasis on military affairs is becoming more and more serious.
Three generations have passed since the Chu family’s generals. Had it not been for Chu Jianfeng’s early accumulation of military merits, the Chu family would have been marginalized long ago.
Therefore, the future destiny of the Chu family depends on how far and high the descendants can go in the official way?
But the most frustrating thing is that the selection of Nantang officials is extremely demanding. In addition to taking the county and state examinations, you have to take the ceremonial examinations. The examinations and ranks cannot immediately take up official positions, but they have to pass the official examinations before they can be formally appointed. .
The official examination has four levels: “body, speech, book, and judgment”.
“Body” refers to the appearance and appearance, and cheap custom jerseys from china “bodily appearance”; “words” refers to eloquence, and emphasizes “words and dialectics”; “book” is calligraphy, and emphasizes “the beauty of the traditional method”; the “judgment” is the public The case precedent is about “distinguishing right from wrong”.
Therefore, those who are able to become officials through this road are all out to pull the weeds, and they are rare.
The Chu family advocates martial arts, so far no Chu family has entered the Chongguan in Kyoto.
Nantang prohibits officials from communicating with generals.
Those who violate the order shall be punished as the crime of conspiracy. Therefore, Chu Jianfeng did not have any close contacts with the Shangshu and Shilang adults in the court.
Regarding this, the old lady was quite dissatisfied, but helpless.
Therefore, the old lady was very happy when she learned of Chu Yi’s performance in Biyufang, thinking that as long as the leg problem is cured, she will immediately open up the relationship and send him to Chongguan in Kyoto.
As long as they pass the Chongguan examination, they can directly participate in the Spring Festival next year. At that time, through the Chu family’s many years of business relations, and help them pass the examinations of the Ministry of Rites and the Ministry of Officials, they will truly enter the ranks of officials.
At that time, the Chu family will marry one by one, cheap custom jerseys from china the court will be on one side. The two brothers work together to ensure that the Chu family will continue to glory.
“Yi’er, why do you want to do business?”
Chu Yi smiled and said: “Grandma. This business matter, grandson also considered for a long time. Once I have a disability, although I can take advantage of my father’s career, but after all, I lack an advantage and there is not much room for improvement. Although Dad Erlai is in the midst of the sky, he can be with the king like a tiger. Maybe one day our Chu family will be in trouble, and it will be considered a retreat.”
The old lady pondered for a moment, and secretly said that what her grandson said was reasonable, and nodded and said: “What you said is not unreasonable. However, whether you are an official or a business, you still have to listen to your father.”
Speaking of his father Chu Jianfeng, although Chu Yi had an impression, he hadn’t really seen it yet. I don’t know what it will be like when I really face this Southern Tang Zhongyonghou?
Chu Yi smiled and said, “Grandma, before the father comes back, the grandson wants to pay a thousand taels of silver from the accountant. First do some small business and practice hands.”
The old lady glanced at him and said, “It’s okay to cheap custom jerseys from china money, but let’s say it. If you lose this thousand taels, you won’t be allowed to mention it after doing business.”
Chu Yi believed in herself: “Grandma, if I make money, if Dad doesn’t agree, you can always help me talk.”
The old lady said in a deep voice: “Let’s see if you have this ability. Also, you just want to do business and you must not let people know your true identity.”
Chu Yi understood what she meant, and said, “Grandma, don’t worry.”
With the permission of the old lady, the cheap custom jerseys from china start-up capital for this venture can be considered to have fallen.

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