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“Listen well, everyone. Yanghao pen writes Bailuan’s paper, Hongyan Chuanshu, going north and south.”
Everyone thought about it again, cheap college jerseys from china a few days ago, they had been exhausted, and they couldn’t think of the absolute.
Chu Yi frowned, and thought: “This Shanglian contains three kinds of animals, sheep, luan, geese, and north and south. However, since the little lady thinks of spring, how can the little master let you stay alone in the spring, every night Sighing.”
Unconsciously, a wretched smile appeared on Chu Yi’s face. The man next to him said in a puzzled way: “What? Xiongtai has come up with any good ideas? If you can’t get up tonight again, this Yuhuan girl will have to stand alone in the vacant room, she is so desolate.”
Chu Yi glanced at him, and said in his cheap college jerseys from china: “This kid’s head was squeezed by the door. Keeping the vacant room alone, these words are just to deceive the innocent boys.”
Half an hour passed, and no one from the audience came up to answer. Everyone could not help but sigh, and only hate their unchanging intelligence, or else it is already a beautiful day, embrace the beautiful woman in her arms, and enjoy that Wang Qingquan alone, drunk life and death. .
“Since no one answers anymore, then” Chu Yi shouted loudly before the middle-aged beautiful woman finished speaking, “Hold on!”
With a “huh”, all the sunshine from everyone present fell on Chu Yi’s body. It is said that Master Xiaohou has changed from a fool to a clever lame. I want to come back today to demonstrate this folklore again.
Yuhuan glanced at Chu Yi, then averted his cheap college jerseys from china, secretly saying how can a dude like her face her absoluteness.
Chu Yi pondered for a moment, cleared his throat, and said loudly: “The horseshoe knife cuts the yellow leather, and the bristles lead it.”
In an instant, everyone present was stunned. Even Yu Hao on the stage was stunned, and looked towards Chu Yi subconsciously.
The upper and lower unions speak of desires, and the lower unions represent their identity; sheep, luan, geese, horses, cows, and pigs; north-south to east and west, and the antagonism between the upper and lower unions is very neat, and everyone can’t help but scream.
“Master Xiaohou is talented, and Yuhuan is willing to go downhill. There is a boiled wine in the room, and Master Xiaohou is invited to move it for a while.” Yuhuan’s Tankou opened lightly, and the sound was as sweet as Huang Ying. If he groaned under his crotch, what would it be like?
When everyone thought of such a situation, they were already unable to bear it, and burned with irritation. At this moment, the angry gaze, the jealous gaze, the envious gaze, and all kinds of gazes are intertwined, like a giant net that tightly wraps Chu Yi.
Chu Yi smiled slightly, looked around at everyone, and said in deep thought, “Thank you Yuhuan girl for her kindness. There are still important things to do next, so don’t bother.”
As soon as these words came out, the hall boiled again. This swan meat that has reached the mouth is not eaten. It is a waste. Such a person should be killed.
“I think Master Xiao Hou has more than enough energy, right?” Song Ping shouted loudly on the second floor.
Immediately, everyone woke up.
Chu Yi is a lame man, so naturally he can’t do cheap college jerseys from china like Fengyue, even if he can do it, it won’t meet the needs of beauties. Suddenly, someone in the hall started booing and echoed: “Master Xiaohou, why don’t you give me the opportunity to enter the curtain?”
Chu Yi sneered a few times and said loudly: “Let you? Are you my son or my grandson? Do not pee and look in the mirror.”
As soon as this remark came out, everyone was in an uproar again.
Yuhuan was originally rejected by him, and she felt a little unhappy. But after hearing this, Qiao’s face stretched slightly and became more curious about him.
He felt bitter when he thought of the tender meat that was about to enter his mouth. Such good things are even less likely than winning the lottery.
Chu Yi looked at Yuhuan, who was as beautiful as a fairy on the stage, and clasped his fists in earnest: “The sun rises in the east and the rain in the west. The road is clear but sunny. Yuhuan girl, excuse me.”
After that, he ignored the eyes of everyone and asked Tong Ming to leave Biyufang in a wheelchair.
“Sunrise in the east and rain in the west, the road is cheap jerseys from china sunny but there is sunny.” Yuhuan took a closer look, happy in her heart, and became more curious about this little Hou Ye.

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