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Yuhuan stared at him for a few moments, this favor might be able to help, it can be helpful once, could it be able to help for a lifetime. Besides, Chu Yi’s status is noble, and it is fortunate to be able to treat each other with courtesy in this way. What else can he hope for?
Seeing her seemingly cheap college football jerseys from china, Chu Yi pondered for a moment, but suddenly thought of something, and said: “If you don’t say Yuhuan girl, I guessed seven or eight points.”
Yuhuan was startled, and said, “Master Xiao Hou knows Yuhuan’s worries?”
Chu Yi sighed: “Since ancient times, confidantes have been so lifeless. Yuhuan girl is in Jade Square, and this Jade Square is not a place of charity. If you invest in it, you must return it.” The owner of Jade Square has begun to force Yuhuan to pick up customers, and the price has already been opened. Facing the temptation of money, what reason is there to hide cheap college football jerseys from china?
Yuhuan was stunned, staring at Chu Yi faintly, somehow, a line of tears flowed down, crying silently. The typhoid fever had only recovered a few days ago, and his face was still a little pale. Now this pear blossom looks pale with tears, like a little quail falling from its nest in the rain, shivering.
I feel sorry for it!
Chu Yi shouted in his heart, what a great opportunity this is. If you don’t take it anymore, it really fulfilled his mantra: good dishes are made by pigs, and dogs are forced to fuck. This kind of heart-breaking thing will never happen again.
Chu Yi took out his Sipa from his cuff and handed it over, “Girl Yuhuan, don’t be too sad, this matter is not without a solution.”
Yuhuan’s eyes showed a pleasant surprise, and when she took the silk paw, she gently wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, and said: “What can I do for Master Xiaohou?” For her, there is only one way to solve this worry, that It was to redeem her and serve him by his side from now on, without asking for any status.
Chu Yi groaned: “They just want Silver Liang. Then I will give them a chance to make money. The prerequisite is that you can’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”
Yuhuan was startled, and the joy in her eyes gradually disappeared. She thought about it too much.
Chu Yi didn’t notice the change in the expression in her eyes, and said: “When I am waiting for us, we will go to Biyufang. I will talk to Yueniang about this matter. Don’t worry, Yuhuan girl will be wrapped in my cheap college football jerseys from china. There is absolutely no problem.”
Chu Yi thought it over, and directly loaned Yuhuan from Biyufang, and paid the corresponding rent every year.
He is like an agent of a brokerage company, and Yuhuan is the star, but Yuhuan’s current identity is a contract star of another economic company. It’s just that Yuhuan’s existing brokers have no abilities, they can only follow the steps, and don’t explore more business opportunities from Yuhuan. Therefore, Chu Yi had to negotiate with this brokerage company, sign a lease, loan out Yuhuan, and he would be responsible for the packaging operation.
Yuhuan is the oiran of Biyufang. This oiran is gone, and you can make a new one. If you want to come to Biyufang, you will not refuse such a good intention.
“Tong Ming, let’s go to Biyufang now!”
Inside the house, Tong Ming and Lan’er were chatting personalized nfl jerseys cheap. When he heard that he was going to Biyufang now, he rushed out and said, “Master, go now?”
Chu Yi sighed and nodded: “Let’s go!”
In front of Chu Yi sat a middle-aged beautiful cheap college football jerseys from china who was about forty years old, smiling and saying: “Master Xiaohou, you want to redeem Yuhuan, how do you charge this price?”
Chu Yi smiled slightly: “In your business, what you eat is youth rice. The older you get, the less valuable it is. Yuhuan girl is seventeen years old. Although she is the current oiran, the value of the oiran is also the first time she bloomed. , Every time thereafter, the price drops by a few percent. As the saying goes, since ancient times, confidantes have been too frustrated, with a jade arm for a thousand people. The time for the Yuhuan girl to really make money for you Biyufang is only three years. After three years, it will be like other Like a girl, chewing is tasteless, only waiting for the time to die. If the fate is good, someone will redeem her body, marry another wife, have children, and serve in-laws. Or, clever, might be like a moon mother. .”
Yueniang was stunned, Chu Yi’s words hit the nail on the head, telling them the fate of their dusty women clearly. Yueniang was also a visitor, with a trace of sadness on her face.
Seeing Yue Niang’s heart moved, Chu Yi believed in herself: “Don’t worry, Yue Niang will not let Yue Niang make a loss-making business. A price of one hundred thousand taels of silver, Yuhuan is my person!” Originally borrowed, but Chu Yi temporarily changed his mind and bought out directly.
Yueniang was completely stunned, staring at cheap college football jerseys from china Yi dumbfounded, with an incredible color on her face.

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