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Han Qingya walked in quickly, knelt down and said, “Qingya, I have seen the old lady.”
Then he looked at Wei Shi: “I have seen my cheap basketball jerseys from china.”
The old lady looked at him a few times and smiled: “Your aunt just recommended you to be the steward of the Chu family. Would you like it?”
When Han Qingya heard this, he was overjoyed, but on his face he was flattered and said: “Qingya is only inexperienced, and he has not been with Uncle Liu for long. Qingya is worried that he will not be able to be a housekeeper.”
Wei Shi was slightly displeased: “This person is born to be incapable of doing things, and he is not learning by doing. Now that the old lady likes you very much, you can give me a quasi-trust. Are you willing to take on this important task?”
“Qingya is sincere and frightened. But Qingya is willing to take on the heavy responsibility, do his best and make every effort, and die.”
Han Qingya banged his head three cheap basketball jerseys from china.
The old lady said indifferently: “All you have to do is to bow down, and you can avoid it after you die. Alright, you can get up.”
“Ms. Xie cultivated.”
The old lady took a sip of ginseng tea and cheap basketball jerseys from china: “However, you don’t care about the accountant for the time being, I will arrange Yi’er to take care of it. In the future, your brothers will take care of everything in the house.”
Hearing this, Han Qingya’s heart slammed, but the expression on his face remained unchanged, and he bowed and said, “Qingya will definitely not let down the old lady and aunt’s high expectations.”
The old lady nodded and said: “Okay. Go down.”
Han Qingya bowed and exited the room, his face darkened, and cursed in his heart: “Oh, you old thing, you want that lame man to suppress me, there is no door. Hmph, I want to see, how long can you protect him? ”
In a blink of an eye, the night is deep.
Chu Yi woke up from that mysterious cheap basketball jerseys from china, and his whole person suddenly became much lighter. Looking at the bruises on his body, he disappeared without a trace, and his skin recovered as before.
“What kind of technique is this, so amazing? It’s even more powerful than Korean cosmetic surgery!”
Chu Yi got up and got out of bed, took a few sips of tea, and suddenly heard the groaning in his stomach.
“Stop calling, I can’t eat the whole thing for you.”
In desperation, Chu Yi decided to sneak into the kitchen to get something to eat.
In order to prevent people from seeing his whereabouts, Chu Yi was extremely cautious, not taking the main road, but taking the small road.
When passing a rockery in the back garden, Chu Yi vaguely heard the woman groaning.
“When did my hearing become so good?” Chu secretly wondered in his heart.
Listening carefully, the voice is absolutely familiar, and he secretly surprised: “Isn’t it! Playing field? I can run into such exciting things. Sure enough, big families love to mess with men and women.”
Chu Yi couldn’t help being curious in his heart, and decided to find out, to see which Wang Ba Lao was sowing indiscriminately?
However, God is not beautiful. The clouds in the sky are thick, and the moonlight is thin, making it unclear.
However, tonight’s hearing was surprisingly good, and a man’s wheezing sounded in her ears: “The old lady is too shrewd to let me take care of my affairs but not the accountant. Obviously, she doesn’t trust cheap basketball jerseys from china.”
This voice is too familiar.
It was Han Qingya who was a dog.

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