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“The old lady is a cautious and shrewd person, she, she will naturally be against you, and be somewhat defensive against you.” The woman gasped.
“This voice is a bit like Qiu cheap baseball jerseys from china!” Chu Yi guessed.
“My good Qiu Chan, from now on, the old lady will have any troubles, but you must inform me in time. When I take the position, I will let my aunt mate you to me. At that time, you will be the hostess, no more Don’t look at other people’s winks.”
Qiu Chan said coquettishly: “My cheap baseball jerseys from china man. In Chu Mansion, you must be calm. If you have a wife to support you, you will succeed sooner or later. Ah”
“You’re right. Little can’t bear it, it’s a big plan. But I can’t help it now.” Han Qingya suddenly hugged her waist.
Qiu Chan hurriedly pushed him away with an “Ah” cry. Then, squat down
After a while, Qiu Chan got up to tidy up her clothes, wiped the corners of her mouth, pressed her face to his chest, and said tenderly: “Master, do you want to remember what you said tonight?”
Han Qingya squeezed her chin, and said tenderly: “cheap baseball jerseys from china can have today, thanks to her sister’s help, how can I be that ungrateful person. If my sister doesn’t believe it, the emperor is on top, if Han Qingya fails my sister, I won’t”
Before she finished speaking, Qiu Chan sealed Han Qingya’s mouth with her hand, and said softly: “I believe you. I have been out for a long time, so I have to go back quickly to prevent the old lady from being suspicious.”
“Okay. Sister, be careful on the way!”
Han Qingya kissed her on the cheek and watched her leave. His tender eyes gradually became cold, and he secretly said, “I want to fly on a branch and become a phoenix. Dreaming.”
When he hit Han Qingya’s adultery with Qiu Chan, Chu Yi suddenly lost his appetite.
So, turned back.
He didn’t expect that Han Qingya’s methods were so despicable that he would be so pretty as Qiu Chan to inquire about the old lady’s news.
Fortunately, he didn’t say anything important to the old lady, otherwise they would fall into the ears of Wei Shi and Han Qingya.
Think about it, Chu Yi felt scared for a while.
Originally, he wanted to cross over, be a young cheap baseball jerseys from china, and live comfortably. I don’t know, this Chu Mansion is intriguing, concealing dirt, and concealing cold arrows.
If one is not careful, where his lame man will die, even if the old lady knows it afterwards, it won’t help.
Chu Yi’s mood became heavy.
Because, a very real problem lies in front of him.
In Chu Mansion, although there is an old lady guarding it. But when he left Chu Mansion, Ling Yan and Tong Ming followed.
As for Ling Yan and Tong Ming, he only believes in Ling Yan at present.
Therefore, if Zhen and Wei are torn apart, when life and death are facing each other, he has no backing.
At that time, let Ling Yan rush to the forefront, and this man hiding behind him, he can’t do this kind of thing, and will never let this kind of thing happen to him.
At the moment, he can only bear it down. Even if he suffers the insult from Han Xin’s crotch, he has to bear it carefully.
In the process of enduring, we must wait for the opportunity and create the opportunity at the same time.
Chu Yi thought about Han Qingya’s adultery with Qiu Chan, and put the matter aside for the time being. The key is that he didn’t want the old lady to be irritated by knowing such nasty things, and cheap baseball jerseys from china her body, it was not worth it.

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