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Good wine and delicacies are accompanied by beauties.
As the saying goes, the red cheap autographed jerseys from china in the study add fragrance, and the rivers and lakes lean against the red cuddle. Which man of true temperament does not envy.
Chu Yi enjoyed eating and playing, playing until late at night, and then left Biyufang.
Tong Ming pushed Chu Yi, worrying: “Master, if we go back so late, the old lady will definitely blame it. Then, don’t say that I took you there.”
Chu Yi hiccuped and said with a smile: “Look at your bear-like appearance. It’s really worthless. It’s not easy. You just say that I understand the people’s sentiments and don’t want to be forced to cheap autographed jerseys from china for dinner by hospitable people. That’s why I’m full of alcohol , Come home late.”
In this world, it is most normal to take big customers to do high-end healthcare. However, here, Fenghuaxueyue is more flavorful. Although the beauty in the arms has some incomplete flowers and loses the willow, but the victory is natural and slightly talented. There are many people who calligraphy and paint in piano, chess, and calligraphy. This is many times stronger than the artificial beauties that are now transformed.
This is life!
Tong Ming worshipped: “Master, you are too cheap autographed jerseys from china.”
As soon as the voice fell, four figures rushed out of the streets and alleys. Without saying anything, resisting Tong Ming, he lifted his wheelchair and ran towards the alley.
Tong Ming was shocked and lost his voice: “What are you doing? Let go of me!”
As soon as he finished speaking, he was knocked on the back of the neck by one of them, and he fainted suddenly.
Chu Yi calmed his mind and asked, “Song Ping sent you?”
The leader sneered and said, “It won’t bother you. Brothers, beat this lame man to death.”
Chu Yi groaned secretly in his heart, thinking about how such encounters would happen if Ling Yan was by his side.
Just when he was about to get up and run away instinctively, he suddenly thought of a possibility. Immediately, the slightly raised butt sat back.
With a “clang”, the wheelchair led the person over and fell to the cheap autographed jerseys from china. Chu Yi fell to the ground all of a sudden, his lips were torn, blood flowed out.
“Brothers, you can discuss something!” Chu Yi shouted reluctantly.
The leader sneered and said: “Discuss, how to discuss?”
Chu Yi got up, sat on the ground, wiped the blood from his lips, and said in a deep voice: “A few big brothers have also seen it. I am a useless person, pinching me to death like an ant. However, I have cheap autographed jerseys from china. You make a price. , I will give you as much as you want, as long as a few big brothers are merciful.”

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