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The leader laughed and said, “It’s great to be rich. I’m hitting rich people like you. Brothers, let’s do it.”
“Hey! Don’t slap your cheap autographed jerseys from china for sale”
Chu Yi held his head in both hands, letting the four punch and kick.
In the darkness, a dark shadow was staring at Chu Yi’s every move, and said in secret: “Is that a lame man?
After a stick of incense, the black figure left quietly after confirming that it was cheap autographed jerseys from china for sale.
“Brother, if you continue to fight, this lame man will die. If he is killed, it will not be easy to explain.” One of them whispered.
“Dead lame, it’s cheaper for you this time. Brothers, let’s go drink wine.”
Chu Yi curled up, pain in his ribs on both sides, making him unable to move.
After a while, Chu Yi eased his breath, and then spit out a mouthful of blood, making his chest feel a little more comfortable.
At this moment, Chu Yi was lying on the ground, unable to move his body, but his mind was very clear.
Right now, he can do two things. One is to wait for someone to come, and the other is to review the game.
To recap, this is what he must do when doing cross-border cheap autographed jerseys from china for sale and acquisitions in this world, and it has become his subconscious mind. And what he is best at using in replays is the four rules of “Murphy’s Law”:
One is that nothing is as simple as it seems on the surface;
Second, everything will take longer than you expected;
The third is that things that can go wrong will always go wrong;
Fourth, if you are worried about a certain situation, it is more likely to happen.
With regard to tonight’s matter, Chu He believed that his luck hadn’t been back to that point yet. Therefore, this matter is definitely not that simple. In addition, even if this matter is investigated by the government, there should be no results.
Therefore, this event must not be accidental, and it is not a small probability event.
And the small probability corresponds to the high probability, then this thing is done deliberately.
So, what do the people behind the scenes want?
Needless to mention money and beauty.
But besides these, what is the most valuable in him?
Chu Yi was lost in thought.
After thinking about it, the only possibility is his cheap autographed jerseys from china for sale. More specifically, are his legs really lame or false?
Thinking of this, Chu Yi knew clearly.
“You bird people, can’t you let me enjoy a good life?”
A small teahouse in the east of the city.
In the dim light, two young men were sitting. One of them was Han Qingya, and the other was the blue-clad boy that Chu Yi met in Biyufang.
“For enterprising young talents, the Lord has always appreciated it. I have specifically asked me to convey to you that if you do things well, you will be able to make progress.” The blue-clothed son said with an air of cheap autographed jerseys from china for sale.
“Prince Qi, don’t worry. I will do everything I can, and I won’t disappoint the Lord’s expectations.” Han Qingya looked excited. .
Young Master Qi nodded in satisfaction, and then asked, “I heard that there is a woman next to Chu Yi called Ling Yan?”
Han Qingya sneered: “I don’t know that the fool hit

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