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Another month, late autumn has entered in a blink of an cheap authentic jerseys from china.
In the past month, Ling Yan only did three things: talking, staring, and practicing.
The old lady confessed that Ling Yan wanted to keep talking in front of Chu Yi, saying anything was fine.
Thinking that this fool was so pitiful, she was not very talkative, so she had to tell her experience from childhood to adulthood over and over again.
Sometimes, when I feel wronged, I just cried; sometimes when I feel happy, I just laughed; sometimes, when I feel lonely, I’m silent.
Although Chu Yi was stupid, he looked cheap authentic jerseys from china. Compared to those brothers in Phoenix Valley, it was indeed much better, especially the skin, white and smooth, and not as good as hers.
On this day, Ling Yan looked down at him again.
For some reason, she felt a strange feeling in her heart. I only felt that the handsome face in front of her had a kind of magic, which made her always want to kiss her.
The lips are facing each other, close at hand, as if the autumn water is the same as the sky, completely natural.
The warm feeling spread all over his body instantly, and Ling Yan shivered unexpectedly. Quickly got up and came to the window, opened the Xuan window, and a coolness of autumn came, letting her restlessness gradually calmed down.
“What did I just do? How could this happen?” Ling Yan muttered to himself.
At this moment, Chu Yi’s eyes opened cheap authentic jerseys from china, and the coolness just now swam through his body like an electric current, which seemed to be mixed with a peculiar fragrance.
Chu Yi slowly raised his head, opened his eyes wide, and saw a beautiful figure in front of the window, wondering whose girl this is?
At this time, he thought of the girl on the bridge in this world:
In the warm sun, I welcome fragrance, whose girl is it?
I walked on that bridge, and you played the piano and played sadly.
The little girl singing by the bridge, the corners of your eyes are flowing.
You say that one person is trying hard, and that one person misses his hometown
Ling Yan seemed to perceive the strangeness behind him, suddenly turned around, and found that Chu Yi was looking at her obsessively.
Ling Yan was surprised at first, smiling like a flower. Suddenly the flowers dissipated, cold and frosty, and yelled: “I’m watching, I dug your dog’s eyes.”
Chu Yi suddenly woke up with “Ah”, and said: “Who are you? Why am I?”
Ling Yan said with a “huh”, “Fool, this is your home, of course it is here.”
Chu Yi furrowed his brows, looked around, cheap authentic jerseys from china looked around at his body again. With his right hand down, his face suddenly showed joy. Fortunately, he said, “The baby is still there!”
Ling Yan didn’t know what the baby was in his mouth, and curiously asked, “What baby?”
Chu Yi was stunned for a moment, then suddenly laughed, this smile turned out to be so wretched in Ling Yan’s eyes, and he became vigilant at the moment.
“This baby is amazing. It can be big and small; it can be hard and soft. It can be as thick as a stick, and it can be as small as a toothpick; it is as hard as an iron rod, and soft as a boneless. Can’t.”
Ling Yan became more curious when he heard what he said. She had never heard of such magical treasures in the world, and she wanted to open her eyes immediately, saying: “Then you can show me what kind of treasure it is?”
Chu Yi heard the words, Xindao, this girl was really naive, she was unconsciously making fun of it, and she suddenly couldn’t bear it: “It’s a baby, so how can you show it casually. If you want to see it, let you see it.” ”
Seeing him with a serious look, Ling Yan didn’t seem to be joking. The same was true when he thought, how can someone else’s baby be easily shown to others, unless the relationship between the two is good, this will be taken out. However, Chu Yi said that the baby was supernatural, and his curiosity got up early. If he didn’t want to explore, it was cheap authentic jerseys from china uncomfortable than killing her. Fortunately, Chu Yi had already said that she would definitely let her watch it in the future. Peace of mind.

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