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Tong Ming chuckled and said, “Master, you don’t know. This Biyufang is known as the gentle town of men, flesh and blood go in, and dry bones come out. It is the best place in cheap authentic jerseys from china reviews City.”
Chu Yi “pooh” him, and said, “I think you usually fight Si, how come you become a beast when you come out. What are you still dazed to do, hurry up!”
Thinking about it, for so long, Chu Yi hadn’t gotten a fishy smell, and was extremely anxious in his heart. Tong Ming saw in his eyes, but pitiful in his heart.
Located in the center of Luochuan City, Biyufang is a shining jewel in the prosperous place. I don’t know how many powerful people come to contribute their wealth.
Chu Yi sat in a wheelchair, looked up at cheap authentic jerseys from china reviews three-story Biyufang in front of him, and said with emotion: “The heaven and earth in Dongguan is a world apart. Biyufang is really a good place.”
Suddenly, Chu Yi somehow remembered a song, and the lyrics wrote: “A good place, a good place, a good scenery, a good scenery”
“Oh! This is not Master Xiao Hou, what a rare visitor!” A woman in a blue shirt floated out of the hall, came to Chu Yi, bends down to support him, and a deep flesh-colored ravine on her chest reflected him. In the eyes.
Chu Yi stared at her chest for a few moments, then smiled evilly and said, “What? This young master is not welcome?”
The woman smiled and said, “Master Xiao Hou can break the slave house. If Master Xiao Hou can come, how can he not welcome him, and the brilliance of Biyufang is brilliant.”
While talking, let a few guys lift the wheelchair and put it down when they arrived in the hall. The whole city of Luochuan knew about Chu Yi, Chu Yi turned from a fool to a lame, and looked around at him one after another, pointing and talking, talking and laughing.
Tong Ming looked disgusted, but Chu Yi seemed to turn a blind eye and smiled.
“This isn’t Master Xiaohou. Why, is there such a Yaxing visit to Biyufang for pastime today?” I saw a young master wearing a purple shirt walking towards him with a pair of feminine eyes and a smile on his cheap authentic jerseys from china reviews.
Chu Yi glanced at him a few times, and seemed familiar, but couldn’t remember who it was. At this time, Tong Ming quietly whispered in his ear: “Master, this person’s name is Song Ping, he is the only son of Song Cishi, and he has always had a good relationship with Young Master Han.”
Hearing what he said, Chu Yi seemed to think of something: “It turned out to be him.”
Chu Yi smiled and said, “It turns out to be Master Song. I’m still thinking about which one will not open my eyes and bring the guard dog here to call Chun.” As soon as the words came out, everyone roared with laughter, and secretly said that they came here today. Value for money.
Song Ping’s face turned gloomy, and the few people behind him were about to rush up to teach him, but they were stopped by him, and sneered: “They all said that Master Xiaohou hit the wall, and the seven tricks got through.”
As soon as the voice fell, only one man smiled and said: “There is still a trick, that is not knowing nothing!” Everyone in the hall burst into laughter again.
Chu Yi frowned slightly, and saw a man in a blue shirt sitting on the elegant seat not far away, holding a wine glass in his right hand, swaying from side to side, a pair of Danfeng eyes carefully looking at him.
Chu Yi disagreed, and smiled: “It is better to know nothing than to know nothing. The two young masters laugh at fifty steps and a hundred steps, really ridiculous!”
The blue-clothed young master was taken aback, and then he smiled: “A good sentence, fifty steps, a hundred steps, Xiao Hou is gifted and intelligent, and it is a good one at his fingertips.”
Chu Yi didn’t expect that he would understand the meaning of this sentence so quickly, and smiled: “This young master is just casually talking. If it can be called a good sentence, it can only show that the evaluator is limited. I am lost!”
After speaking, Chu Yi asked Tong Ming to push cheap authentic jerseys from china reviews to an elegant seat near the window, too lazy to pay attention to the blue-clothed young master’s reaction.
When everyone saw Chu Yi withdraw directly, they knew that the three people’s war of words was coming to an end, and they left one after another, each holding its own girl and opening its own room.
Song Ping was standing in the middle of the hall, his face flushed red. This feeling of being ignored made him very annoyed, but he couldn’t happen again in full view. Immediately, Song Ping let out a cold snort and flung his sleeves out.
Tong Ming looked at Chu Yi on the opposite side with a look of worship in his eyes. Chu Yi’s image in his mind was an inch taller. Following such a master, he would never suffer a loss. This big tree cheap authentic jerseys from china reviews to be taken care of, and he must hug him tightly. Never let go.

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