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After half a month, the Chu Mansion came out with shocking news.
Chu Yi changed from a fool to a cheap authentic jerseys from china reddit.
For outsiders, there is more talk after dinner. For the Chu family, the lame is better than the fool.
Even if he is physically disabled, he can still give pointers to Fang Qiu.
Chu Yinian was sixteen, but he interrupted teaching because of an accident when he was five years old.
Nowadays, due to the inconvenience of legs and feet, it is no longer possible to practice martial arts. The old lady immediately asked Wei to arrange for someone to hire the best teacher in Luochuan to teach.
What poems, books, etiquette, piano, cheap authentic jerseys from china reddit, calligraphy and painting are all taught.
Chu Yi readily accepted the old lady’s arrangement. He happened to take this opportunity to learn more about Nantang’s social, economic, and chemical conditions.
In the present world, he is a department manager engaged in mergers and acquisitions in a multinational company, so he has relatively in-depth research on politics, history, economics, finance, and chemical industry.
In current history, there is no Southern Tang dynasty, but its structure is similar to the Tang dynasty.
To put it simply, Nantang generally follows a three-level administrative system of “states, prefectures, and counties”.
The Southern Tang administers a capital of Kyushu, one of which is the land of the emperor, Kyoto, and the Kyushu is Yanzhou, Zhaozhou, Qizhou, Weizhou, Qinzhou, Chuzhou, Hanzhou, Chenzhou, and Yunzhou.
Chu Yi devoted himself to learning, and his ability to think and apply his knowledge was greatly appreciated by several masters, which made the old lady excited and full of expectations.
During this period, Ling Yan had nothing to do and followed to study.
However, she is not interested in poems, books, etiquette, but rather interested in piano, chess, calligraphy, and calligraphy.
After getting along these days, cheap authentic jerseys from china reddit the two quarreled from time to time, the relationship was more harmonious than before. This made the old lady rejoice tighter, and seemed to confirm the statement of the doctor Xue at the time and achieved a good marriage.
If the Chu family really got married with Phoenix Valley, then the Chu family would definitely get a big help. In this world, life is more valuable than money, and life is the pill.
The old lady calculated it in her heart, and the more she thought about it, the more she found this marriage to be of great benefit. But in Wei’s opinion, Chu Yi could not be married to Phoenix Valley, otherwise he would rise to Chu Yi’s strength, which would have a major impact on the status of his son Chu Huai.
The old lady looked at Ling Yan more and more pleasing to the eye, and Wei looked at Ling Yan more and more hatred. However, due to the old lady, she temporarily endured it for fear of causing dissatisfaction with the old lady.
From spring to autumn, Ling Yan has spent most of the year in Chu Mansion.
Ling Yan missed his family, so he took leave of absence from the old lady and went back to Phoenix Valley to visit his father.
The old lady readily agreed and gave her one month.
Han Qingya was the happiest when Ling Yan left. In the past six months, because of Ling Yan’s service, Han Qingya couldn’t find a chance to attack Chu Yi.
On this day, after Chu Yi finished his homework, he let the book boy lead him out of the house secretly. This was Chu Yi’s first time out of the palace since he came to Nantang, with a look of excitement on his face.
“Master, what’s so good about this street? We have walked a few times.” A book boy who was about his age complained.
The book boy’s name was Tong Ming, who was long and clean and had a good brain, so after Ling Yan left, Chu Yi asked him to be his little follower.
Chu Yi chuckled and said, “What do you know, this young master is called understanding people’s sentiments.”
Tong Ming “pushed” and said with a smile: “You still understand the sentiments of the people, I think you are looking for flowers and asking Liu.”
Chu Yi turned his head and glanced at cheap authentic jerseys from china reddit, and said with a serious face: “After spending some time with this young master, your kid has made a lot of progress. Go, let me open my eyes.”
Tong Ming was taken aback, and said in doubt: “Master, you should be the one who opened my eyes. How come it’s my turn to open your eyes.”
Chu Yi said: “Don’t talk so much nonsense. Let’s go to interesting places to see and see.”
Tong Ming pondered for a moment, and suddenly said trivially: “Master, how about let’s go to Biyufang?”
Chu Yi curiously asked, “What’s so interesting about this Jade cheap authentic jerseys from china reddit?”

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